EVENT REVIEW: (Sorry, no pictures this time)

 The February Set-Up-And-Ride event at Ken Brown’s was a huuuge success! Awesome weather, great sections and a very nice rider turnout contributed to a great day of Trials Competition. Two new riders were in attendance: Ben Jones on his all original (including tires) 1975ish Kawasaki KT250 he has owned since he was 13. Ben had a great time and rumor has it he is looking for a newer bike! Brian Shulder(?) rode a nice 2001 GG he bought from Mike Carpenter many years ago. I believe Brian rode some events shortly after this purchase but that was a while back. I worried about Brian at the riders meeting as he attended in shorts and street shoes, but he did change into riding gear and boots before competing. Brian got into the groove after a first loop of 8 points, then posted a 1 and a 0. Looks like he is ready for the Amateur class? Hope to see you both at the next event and bring your friends!

 A total of thirty competitors were challenged by nine sections built by 15 trials masters:

 SECTION:               CONSTRUCTED BY:                                                             NOTES:

1                                    Russ Amos, Allan Newcomb and David Blicker              Nice section by the shop to kick off the event

2                                    Kelly Echterling and Luis Belausteguil                              No regrets  hiring Latin labor!-) Voted best section of the day (by me)

3                                    President Bowden and grandson Shawn                         Child labor laws do not apply. Shawn is a very good, enthusiastic

4                                    President Bowden and grandson Shawn                         worker on par with Latin workers!-)

5                                    Bruce Carver and Steve Morgan                                       Big Logs! Nuff said

6                                    The Dennis Family                                                                Possibly hardest of the day; so tough a change was made after L1  

7                                    Carl Hopkins                                                                          Combined logs and creek bed

8                                    Scott Carpenter and Bill Sanderson                                 Sneaky snake section in a nice little gully

9                                    Mike and Jason Carpenter                                                 Vying for the toughest section of the day with #6       

NOTE:  I apologize if I missed anyone or have given misinformation.      

I smell a friendly(?) rivalry brewing between Jenean and Julie.  I believe this is the first time Jenean has beat Julie in competition and Julie has thrown down the gauntlet! I guess that’s what happens when you practice.  Ok Jenean, Julie has been out with us to ride twice since the event! Stay tuned as this hot battle for Women’s class superiority progresses!

Keri Dennis schooled the novice riders, taking one point in 3 different sections of 2 loops.

Luis Belausteguil proudly accepted his first first place medal in the Amateur class. The Dakar competitor and holder of the record for smallest displacement vehicle to finish the Dakar (KTM 150) is going trials crazy! He is practicing often and learning skills from anyone who will teach him. Luis has his sights on Jim Thornton then this humble writer. Be ready Jim! BTW: Be sure and check the Amateur results.

Sr Amateurs had a good competition between seasoned pilots.  Jim Thornton’s falling loop scores bested Hans Wessels and Jim Jeter.

Rick Land’s consistency bested myself and Randy Dennis.  Randy and I both had 2 costly mental errors resulting in fives. As usual, Randy finished the event early.  Rick, Carl and I were on route to section 2 when a maniac on a four stroke was trying to MX me on the trail. We park at the section and Randy on his new Montesa says to me with a big grin, “Could you tell you it was behind you?”  I said I figured it was either you or Dawson’s girlfriend on her TTR! Rick and Carl ride the section which wound around a hillside with a gulley on the left, then twice over a log, loop around to square up on a small log, wheel base, larger log, rocky turn right and a medium size log then down to exit. All of sudden Randy takes off into the section. I wait till he gets about half way thru then I begin. As I go over the first log I hear a very loud “HEY! WOOHOO! HEY!” and a whistle. I progress thru the section and look up to see Randy pinned between his bike a log. I decide I can make it past to his left when Richard charges up to help Randy. I stop to help. Randy’s bike made it over the log but slipped left and Randy went down, his right leg between the log and bike and against the hot pipe, right hand on the ground downhill from the log and his left foot caught between the chain and spokes of his rear wheel! He could not move! Richard raised the bike as I raised Randy’s torso and we got him free! I decide to resume the section after the log I had just cleared, clean so far. I took two points in the spot where Randy had been pinned. I get to the exit and Rick, who was scoring me, said to re-ride it. I did and got a “0”. I beat Randy by one point! Karma.

Bill Sanderson’s bike was stuck in first and using that as his excuse not to ride the Master class, he rode Intermediate as Non-comp.

Mike Carpenter had to end early due to a tweaked knee. I think he is doing okay now. 

Dawson Dennis breezes to the win in the Expert class on his newly acquired Sherco. Steve Morgan commented that Dawson was riding each section twice on their last loop, whereas Steve said he barely had enough energy to finish! Jesse Wessels was in the mix with Steve. He may or may not have been distracted but a couple of observers. His daughter Sidney and grandson Cole were in attendance and proud grandpa was seen numerous times with Cole on his lap while waiting his turn at sections.

Jeremy Farber made the trek once again and rode really well with a ten point win over Nate Dawson and Scott Carpenter, followed closely by Bruce Carver whose score card listed him as “Grand Master Extraordinaire”.  Sections 1 and 6 appeared to be the toughest for them.

Many riders took advantage of the great sections and weather to ride another loop or practice particular sections including Richard Bowden and Luis Belausteguil.

As I looked thru the loop scores I also notice many riders improving their scores on from loop to loop. It is early in the season, perhaps folks are working off the rust from a very short winter season?

WOMEN:                                                                            L1            L2            L3            TOTAL

Jenean Wofford                                                                   9              3             3                 15

Julie Phillips                                                                       6             3             10               19


NOVICE:                                                                             L1            L2            L3            TOTAL

Keri Dennis                                                                          2             1             0                  3

Brian Shulder (sp?)                                                              8             1             0                  9

Ron Wofford                                                                         5             3             4                 12

Phil Peterson                                                                       7             1             5                 13

David Blicker                                                                       17           7             2                 26

Ben Jones                                                                                                                              DNF

Allan Newcomb                                                                                                                      DNF

Russ Amos                                                                          1             0             ?             NonComp


AMATEUR:                                                                          L1            L2            L3            TOTAL

Luis Belausteguil                                                                  12           10           6                 26


SR. AMATEUR:                                                                    L1            L2            L3            TOTAL

Jim Thornton                                                                        11           8             1                 20

Hans Wessels                                                                      10           14           5                 29

Jim Jeter                                                                               9             15           12               36


INTERMEDIATE:                                                                 L1            L2            L3            TOTAL

Rick Land                                                                            7             3             6                16

Kelly Echterling                                                                   7              7             10              24

Randy Dennis                                                                      5             17             3               25

Chris Rohr                                                                           19           16           11              46

Carl Hopkins                                                                        20           17           14              51

Richard Bowden                                                                   29           17           13              59

Mike Carpenter                                                                    22           28           ---              DNF

Ken Brown                                                                           27           ---            ---              DNF

Bill Sanderson                                                                      3             3             4                10 (NonComp)


EXPERT:                                                                            L1            L2            L3            TOTAL

Dawson Dennis                                                                    8             7             8                23

Steve Morgan                                                                      18           27           20              65                                                                                           

Jesse Wessels                                                                    24           20           25              69


Master:                                                                              L1            L2            L3            TOTAL

Jeremy Farber                                                                     13           9             5                27

Nate Dennis                                                                        16           14           8                38

Scott Carpenter                                                                   19           10           9                38

Bruce Carver                                                                       17           10           15              42


Gentle reminder:  I am updating the MATT Member contact list. Many thanks to those who have sent me updated information. If you do have changes to your information please email me and I will add them to the list.

 Members don’t forget club meeting on Wednesday, March 15th.

 Ken Brown and Mike Carpenter will host the March event at Ken’s on March 19th. BE THERE!