November 19, 2017 Trials Recap

We were blessed with perfect trials weather in November, cool enough to be comfortable and warm enough not to get overly sparkly, uh sweaty. There were 10 sections with each class riding 9 of them in 3 loops. Trials Masters Dale Malesek and  Jim Jeters set up sections within easy walking distance of the pavilion.

Heads-up for December - Ken Brown has offered his place for the December event. The Club Officers have decided to accept Ken's offer. Therefore the December MATT Set-Up-And-Ride event will be at Ken's with a planned start time of 11:00 am. All attending members please arrive early and setup a section to be used. The weather forecast looks great and hopefully the turnout will be as well! Ken's place is in great shape with plenty of section opportunities available.

MATT discussion and updates from the November ride:

Reminder – don’t forget to re-lock the gate lock at the quarry. It must be set on the exact numbers 6288! To re-lock it.

Luis was nominated and voted in as our newest MATT member. Sad thing though, he also holds the record for the shortest tenure in MATT history and was voted back out by the end of the day due to smart comments!     Just kidding, we’ll keep him!

Dale offered a tech tip before the November ride – run about 3 psi in your rear tire because we had slippery conditions with frost and wet trails. Thank you for looking out for us Dale!

The annual Postage Stamp Trials will be held on Jan. 1 at Russ and Jane’s with a start time of 1:00 pm. I believe tradition dictates that we each bring a dish to share. This is always an interesting even weather-wise. I can’t wait to see what Russ and Larry have in store for us this year!

Celeste is still collecting old Quarry Cup shirts to make a quilt. Sign your shirt and your name will be embroidered into eternity.  The quilt will be awarded to one of the women of MATT when the crash helmet is awarded. Jim Bridges holds the record for the oldest donated shirt – 1977!

Keri Dennis and others are working out the details of a new points system that will start on Jan. 1. Looking forward to hearing more about this, Keri!

Here are some comments from our club President, Kelly:

Some observations from November Trials:

Thank you Lisa Robertson for taking and sharing some great pictures of the event!

I am not superstitious, but every time I wear my red riding pants I ride terrible! I wore them in the November event, rode terrible! AND the Chiefs lost! Again I am not superstitious but I am only wearing the red riding pants for practice from now on! Just gotta remember to wear my lucky underwear for events.

It was great to see that Allen Newcomb is back in the saddle after his elbow injury at the QC. As always Allen had a big smile and great attitude. He felt good enough to ride his 4 stroke Beta around the quarry but not to attempt to compete. Instead he proudly followed his grandson David Bricker around. It looked like David rode well. I remember seeing him in section 10 on a good climb. He was getting every drop of power and rev’s out of that little Beta!

The Intermediates didn’t really ride what I would call a “loop” first time around. It was more like playing Monopoly: role a dice, ok go to section 3. Role again: section 5 then 7-8- 6-9- 10-1-2! In our defense the start sign for section 6 blew off so we weren’t sure if it was 6 or 10!

The sections were great, after we threw out one gate in two sections! In the defense of Trials Masters Dale and Jim, it was a little slick from some rain but traction improved every loop.

I rode great except for 3 fives ON THE FIRST LOOP! Randy Dennis rode well but battled sections 7 and 10 keeping the door open for Carl “Hoppy” Hopkins. The two were neck and neck going down the home stretch but Randy edged out Hoppy by a single point.

We had some 20 riders at Ken Brown’s last Saturday enjoying the great weather, terrific terrain, friendly competition and comradery. One of the practice sections looks like a horizontal slalom course that we ride right to left then drop back in to ride left to right, executing 16 tight turns! At one point we had 6 riders in the section at the same time!

And a few pictures I was able to snap at the November quarry event:


And I just couldn’t resist including this one because it is such a rare shot of Jason:


After filling up on Thanksgiving turkey, many MATT members got together that Saturday at Ken and Celeste’s place to work off a few calories (as Kelly also mentioned above).


Matt Hopkins had an unfortunate injury and nobody can tell crash stories better than Matt. Here’s his take on the event:

When I was a kid my would always build ramps for my brother and I. We would go to the local skateshop and buy blueprints and he would work tirelessly constructing them. We launched ourselves hundreds of times off these ramps on skateboards, bicycles, dirt bikes, and pretty much anything that rolled or slid with zero fear of getting hurt. The fact I’ve never broken a bone (that I know of) is a miracle.

I’ve always daydreamed of jumping Ken Brown’s pond. So last weekend at Ken’s when we were out enjoying the amazing weather I thought today is the day, and I knew who I wanted to lead the ramp building team, trusty ole pops. After scavenging the high-grade material from Ken’s burn pile we were ready for the first test runs. I usually have someone make a few runs for me on new ramps so I enlisted the kid and his cousins who all sailed like Evel Knieval off the ramp.

Perfect I thought, it’s ready. I was so pumped up and in the zone I skipped the final ramp inspection and wind readings, line up my approach and grabbed a handful of throttle. As the front tire exited he lip of the ramp it felt spot on and I thought in my head “you are THE MAN!”. Next thing I knew I was face first in the ground with a terrible grass stain across my left shoulder, a grade 3 shoulder separation, possible broken rib, an ER bill, and two sore knees. A few days later I did what anyone in my situation would do and got a new trials bike. It’s going to look awesome sitting in my garage.

The worst part was laying there in the grass listening to the kids taunting me… “What are you are doing down there?”

Have to thank Ken for taking care of my stuff I left at his house, my dad for getting me to the ER and my beautiful wife for putting up with this crap and taking care of me.

Full ramp structural failure.


Xray paints a pretty clear picture of what happen.

The annual MATT Christmas party took place at the Hopkins house on Dec. 2 with photographic evidence

It looks like Ron and I missed a wonderful evening!


And a big Thank You to whoever pulled together the scores and made them so easy to read and record – you’re a lifesaver! (Chris, was that you?)

November 19, 2017 Trials Results


Total Points

David Bricker


Russ Amos



Total Points

Jenean Wofford


Julie Phillips



Total Points

Keri Dennis


Phil Peterson


Wesley Robertson


Sr Amateur

Total Points

Luis Belaustegui


Jim Thornton


Richard Bowden


Hans Wessles



Total Points

Randy Dennis


Carl Hopkins


Kelly Echterling


Ken Brown


Mike Carpenter



Total Points

Matt Hopkins


Steve Morgan



Total Points

Jason Carpenter


Bill Sanderson