It was Father’s Day, June 18th.  The weather had been awesome preceding that date. Trials Masters Carl, Matt and Adam Hopkins worked tirelessly to produce challenging sections. Then it rained 4 inches in the 3 days before the event forcing them to modify sections.  Their efforts paid off as the trials was a great success! The weather may have kept away contestants with longer travel times, none the less, turnout was good and all were allowed to ride even if they were not Fathers. I do have one complaint: Matt promised on FB that Parker would be washing all bikes for free afterwards.  I had to wash my own and I’m not cheap! It was nice coming home with a clean bike though. Great job Trials Masters!

One Father who was in attendance was Marc Carpenter. This was the first time I have seen Marc on a bike in a section in over a year! He rode Non-Comp and rode very well! Happy to see him compete again as long as he rides Expert or Master!

Marc was also there in support of his son Cage, the youngest competitor of the day (there were no Rookie/Cadet lines, maybe next year at this venue). Cage ended his day after 2 loops. His TY80 was no match for the mud and his front wheel kept getting plugged up!

Even though it was Father’s Day I think that Trials Mom Keri had the biggest smile on her face after the event. She was so happy to have 5 other Amateurs to ride with! Two of them were William and Eric from St. Joe, contesting their second event. These guys are having a blast and we are glad to have them. Keri did her best to try and edjumicate them on the finer points of trials during the event and they were soaking it up. Hopefully they can get some training outside of competition.  Keri took the win and the medal that I saw her mark proudly for posterity. 


And we have another trials retread! Jim Findley competed in the 80’s and loved his powder blue1977 TY250. Trials was always in Jim’s blood and after many years away from the sport, Jim attended the NATC round at Sedan KS in April. Two weeks later he bought a new Beta. His first competition was at CRTC rounds 3 & 4 at Jonesburg, MO on June 3rd & 4th. I hope we see a lot of Jim in the coming years too!


Judging by the tight scores in the Amateur class it looks like all had a fun time!


Speaking of TY250’s, due to an ignition problem with Phil Peterson’s GG, he was piloting his 1977 TY250 for the first time in competition!  He did well too with consistent scores every loop. It looked like he would take the victory over arch rival Ron Wofford but Ron posted a 3 point final loop for the win!


Speaking of rivals or targets, it seems that everyone in the Intermediate class is gunning for me! Guys: Randy Dennis has been winning everything in sight ALL year! Take aim at him! At this event however I did beat Randy.  Looking at score cards, sections 2 and 9 took the most points for pretty much all classes and for sure the Intermediate class. Loop 3, I enter section 9. The first half is straight forward, the difficulty is the last half. I make my move, float right to a large rock. Up and over but fading to my left as I fight off a dab! Next a tough right hand turn into a solid rock camber that tends to throw you to the right. Again I fight off a dab to the right taking and air dab, then my left foot slips off the peg! I drop down on the bike and with my butt on the fender and both feet pulled up in front of me I save the clean! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! Only clean of the day in that section for Intermediates so I beat Randy! Actually I had 2-2-0, he had 3-2-1 in #9 so we tied. Actually actually he beat me soundly in all the other sectionsL.  Great job Randy!


Matt Hopkins was the only competitor in the Expert class. After a rough first loop Matt turned in very good scores but still only managed to place 7th.


Bruce Carver and Scott Carpenter battled all day with very similar score cards and loop scores! In the end Bruce took the win by a mere two points!

The Dennis’ have been working hard to create a fun July event! They have volunteered to engineer and host a gate trials on Saturday night and a traditional trials on Sunday. This is happening this weekend, July 15th  and 16th  in Trenton.

The Dennis’ and other upper class riders will be at the quarry on Saturday and are offering a trials school to interested participants starting at 2 pm or just ask for help.

Saturday’s rider meeting will be at 5 pm for a gate trials. After the competition, the Dennis’ will provide pulled pork sandwiches and chips. Members in attendance are asked to bring a side dish and your favorite beverage.

Sunday’s rider meeting will be at the traditional 11 am. The Trials Masters have promised a short loop that is very spectator friendly.

If you have never ridden a gate trials, it is a lot of fun and takes less energy as the idea is to get cleanly thru gates that are assigned point values.  Rider with the MOST points wins the event.


NOVICE:                                         L1               L2               L3               TOTAL

Ron Wofford                                    8                  8                3                     19

Phil Peterson                                   7                7                7                     21

Jenean Wofford                              16               12               15                    43

Cage Carpenter                             28               30               --                   DNF        


AMATEUR:                                     L1               L2               L3               TOTAL

Keri Dennis                                     15               16               10                    41

William McBane                             26               10               12                    48

Jim Findley                                      17               24               10                    51

Eric Christensen                             26               14               15                    55

Jim Jeter                                           26               16               15                    57

Wesley Robertson                         25               19               16                    60


INTERMEDIATE:                         L1               L2               L3               TOTAL

Randy Dennis                                 11                 4                1                     16

Kelly Echterling                             20               7                3                     30

Carl Hopkins                                   16               10               12                    38

Mike Carpenter                              28               15               10                    53

Richard Bowden                             21               18               16                    55

Ken Brown                                       17               21               19                    57


EXPERT:                                         L1               L2               L3               TOTAL

Matt Hopkins                                   30               14               13                    57


MASTER:                                        L1               L2               L3               TOTAL

Bruce Carver                                   14               10               11                    33

Scott Carpenter                              14               11               13                    35


REMINDER: Please join us this weekend in Trenton for a very fun 2 day extravagana!  Keri and Randy rode at MWTA last Sunday and a good number of their members are planning to come in for this event. A few of the mentioned names are: Jeremy Cox (and his Mom),  Aaron Regan and HVC Cycles’ Brad Obidowski.


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Dennis’ requested the rider fees be waived both days this weekend and MATT officers have agreed!