October 2017 Hot Dog Trials

October 22, 2017

After yet another downpour at the quarry Saturday night, the 2017 Hot Dog Trials started off with a celebration of Jim Bridges’ 77th. We sang happy birthday, only slightly off key and with a few special lyrics just for Jim.


Bruce and Carl were the official Trials Masters and they did a great job. We had 27 riders braving the somewhat wet and slippery conditions. My only comment was that section 7 really challenged me. Julie and I battled it out, and I think she even cleaned it on the last loop!

Here are a few comments from generous contributors, see results at the end of the newsletter.

Richard Bowden had this to say, along with contributing some pictures:

I know Sean and Suzie had a great time at the MATT Hot Dog Trials.  Chris asked Sean how it was going and he said, “It was Crazy Cool!”  Maybe it was the riding around, dressing up, Trick or Treat, playing with the other kids, Rookie and Cadet Trials, painting pumpkins, watching the other riders, hot dogs and chili, desserts, MATT Meeting, medals, rain, sun, etc., it was a fantastic weekend.


After getting a 5 on the first section, Jim Jeter went for a perfect score in Sr. Amateur class.  He was consistent is all but two sections, where he scored a 2 and a clean; all others were intentional fives.  Running out of bounds, killing the bike, etc. followed by a “Darn! Another 5!”  You have to admire his tenacity.


Thank you to everyone who helped me over the last couple years.  Everyone in this Team and people from other clubs gave me great support, as I am sure they will with our newly elected officers.


Richard Bowden

MATT Member


(hee hee, this one is adorable. Great pic Luis!)



And Kelly had this to say:

Four Intermediate riders began the event consisting of 8 challenging sections. After the first loop, Trials Master Carl Hopkins decided to ride with someone he could beat. So he finished the day riding with his grandsons!


The sections were very good, my compliments to Trials Masters Carl and Bruce. They were a good mix of difficulty for the Intermediates. Particularly challenging were sections 6, 7, 8 and 11. Sections 7 and 11 were the toughest but consensus is section 7 was the most difficult. The 3 of us were determined to clean these traps but the traps won. 


I believe it was Randy's second loop ride in section 7 where he cleaned the difficult right hand floating turn over a rock, then made his way thru the Mind Field to a stretch of large flat rocks laying at different angles and elevations, still clean. Nearing the section end gates and determined to get the clean, Randy piloted his 4 stroke thru a gap with a step up then quick right, miss the triangle pointed rock to the left to line up for the exit. Unfortunately the rear wheel slipped on the step, the bike leaned way right, handlebar came to rest on a boulder. Randy, still holding on to the bars had his left leg straight up in the air in an effort to counter balance. Somehow he managed to look up toward Mitch and I with a huge chesser cat grin then succumbed to the five!


I had a great ride going in section 11 located on the point near the pavilion. I hit my line perfectly with perfect pace for 3/4ths of the section. I blipped the throttle and carried up and over a large rock, still on line. Man I was going good! Then I realized I was waaaay right of the next gate! From this point on I had to employ my strider technique to reach the exit!


Thank you to Steve Morgan for his work on the new lock:

Hi everyone. Made modifications to the combination lock. Pic attached. Could not find other suitable lock. So I drilled and tapped then inserted set screw to keep lock from coming apart thus allowing combination to be changed.  6288! Still remains the combination. Fixed! 

And Chris Hopkins let us know that they are hosting the club Christmas party and it will be on Saturday, December 2nd.  Details will be posted soon.

Also from Chris - by the way, we had a great time at the Hot Dog Trials and I think everyone else did, too.  Thank you, Bruce & Diana for the great chili & hot dogs meal.  

I think everyone would agree that big thank you’s are in order for the chili & hot dogs meal and all the wonderful sides.

I would like to thank Kelly for his service as MATT’s secretary. As someone mentioned at the meeting, I will never be able to fill his Crocs, but I will do what I can to get newsletters out and take meeting minutes. Ron and I even talked about trying to make it to KC for MATT meetings when possible. Thank you Kelly for all the humorous, entertaining and informative news!!

And as always – please send me your stories, commentary and pictures. I won’t typically be able to see what goes on in the other classes and those stories are what makes the newsletter fun.

The November trials event is all set for Sunday at 11:00 am at the Quarry. Trials Masters Jim Jeter and Dale Malesek have the section set up and ready to go. I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend!

(And on a personal note, Ron was on a golf trip in Alabama for the Hot Dog trials, I was sick for the MITA event and now Ron has an injury and won’t be riding this coming weekend. We haven’t been seen together for a while, HOWEVER, he is coming to Trenton just to prove we haven’t “split the sheets!”  😊)


October 2017 Hot Dog Trials Results

Rookie                      Total Points                  

Noah Hopkins                   31                        


Cadet                       Total Points                  

Lane Carpenter                23                        

Parker Hopkins                 27                        

Sean Bowden                    31                        

Logan H opkins                 31                        

Alec Hopkins                    35                        

Logan C arpenter              DNF


Novice                     Total Points                  

Jenean Wofford                34                        

Julie Phillips                     42                        

Jim Bridges                       DNF


Amateur         Total Points                  

Johnathan Ketsenburg     24                        

Wesley Robertson           35                        

Keri Dennis                       42                        

Phil Peterson                     48                        


Sr Amateur               Total Points                  

Luis Belaustegui               34                        

Richard Bowden               35                        

Jim Levett                          51                        

Hans Wessels                   62                        

Jim Jeter                             109                      

Jim Thornton                     DNF


Intermediate Total Points                  

Mitch Wing                       28                        

Randy Dennis                    29                        

Kelly Echterling               42                        


Expert                      Total Points        

Dawson Dennis                 30                        

Matt Hopkins                    38                        

Steve Morgan                    45                        


Master            Total Points                  

Jason Carpenter               27