The March MATT trial at Ken Brown’s was a record breaking event. A March record (unverified) of forty pilots enrolled to test their skills and endurance.  A record breaking (unverified) NINE competitors Did Not Finish.  A record breaking high temperature of 87 degrees was verified at KCI.  Coincidence? I think not. Too hot too fast too early in the trials season?  I think so! I mean come on! Trials day temp in February was Bruce Carver short sleeve weather. But 87 is “OMG HOT” in March!


A very healthy Cadet/Rookie turn out enjoyed a fun event as documented by Matt Hopkins:


It’s all rainbows and unicorns until someone pees in the creek…


Section one was definitely the test of the day for the young competitors claiming 3’s and 5’s for everyone.


Noah Hopkins had a rough go of it in section 1 with two 5’s but then buckled down and had 3 clean rides in the other sections to come out on top in the Cadet class. Sean paddled to a second place finish on his strider like he was being chased by whatever deposited those massive dropping seen around Ken’s property. Time to get that kid a motor Mr. President! Even with the threat of being “grounded for life if he put his foot down” Parker couldn’t get past the lightning quick footed Sean or his cousin Noah. He was ready to retire after missing a split in his first section, he eventually got over it and finished. Logan and Alec tied for 4th which is great for Logan Hopkins considering he spent half the time flying off the bike smashing his helmet into rocks and logs.  Kidding aside his riding and attitude were great, last year he wouldn’t even get on a bike.


On to the big dogs in the Rookie class.

Wyatt’s bike ran out of battery on the third loop right in the middle of section one giving him his only 5 of the day. Of course his grumpy old grandpa has to scold him with his grumpy old man voice “well Wyatt that’s what you get, I told you not to ride it so much before the event… grumble grumble <more unintelligible old man mumbling>…”. Regardless of that bike issue Wyatt’s 3 cleans in previous sections secured him first place.


Jack Carpenter, or was that Tyler Carpenter, no that was Jack, wait maybe it was Tyler… oh hell I don’t know somehow I’ve turned into my dad, going through 4 or 5 kids names until I can spit out the right one. Anyway the Carpenter brothers had a good battle going for 2nd and 3rd. The amount of roost coming off the back wheel of their factory sponsored Mecatechno was spectacular as they basically flat tracked through parts of the sections. A small misstep by Tyler in section 2 put him in 3rd and Jack in 2nd for the day.



I know these guys had a great time! Great job Matt, thanks for the pictures and article.  And a big thanks to Team Hopkins for your efforts with this youth event.



After batteries were nearing their end for the day the Hopkins clan took to the creek at section 4 I believe for the frog catching, rock throwing and spider smashing event. Adam and I got to get a bit of riding in! At one point roaring laughter made me look over to see Alec screaming like William Wallace in Braveheart as he relieved himself in the creek. Of course the other boys thought this was the best thing ever and wanted to join in but I told them no and to move slightly upstream before re-entering the water.


Main event review:


It seems the Woffords like a good rivalry.  Julie and Jenean continue to do battle, this time to a tie.  Julie was victorious this month, taking the top podium spot with 2 more cleans that Jenean.  Ron took top honors in Novice over fellow newcomer Phil by the slimmest of margins.  Score cards were collected and analyzed.  Each card had 25 cleans, one 1 and one 2.  Ron takes the win by virtue of taking his first point in the fifth section of the SECOND loop while Phil took his first point in the sixth section of loop 1. Great job guys!


Luis Belausteguil continues his quest to end the Sr. Amateur domination of Jim Thornton. Jim took a nice win on his new mount, which was trained by Steve Morgan.  Luis has upgraded his ride and looks to dethrone Jim this coming weekend. 


Stay tuned as these fiercely contested rivalries continue!


Another married couple visiting from AVTA schooled their respective class competition. Tiffany and Wes Bucher took wins in the Amateur and Expert classes respectively.  Nicely done Buchers!


In the Intermediate class, AVTA’s Mitch Wing held a narrow margin over myself and Rick Land for the initial win.  However Mitch and Ken Cook were disqualified (unofficially by me) when it was learned that they rode the sections twice on the second loop. Therefore I give myself the win.  Just kidding! Mitch and Ken are fine riders and we appreciate ALL the AVTA folks who travelled to this event.  Ken was on a tight time table to catch a train (he works for the RR) so they doubled up sections to get him to work on time.  Also of note is AVTA’s Steve Messenger riding Non Comp Intermediate with loops scores of 2-0-2. Awesome! I always enjoy riding with Team Land and this was no exception. Although I think I poked the bear, besting Rick on his 1974 Majesty Yamaha for the first time by a mere 4 points. Seems I now get to look forward to competing with Rick’s grandson Dalton too.  Dalton won 2nd place Clubman in the NATC Western rounds on a new GG 125. 


Trials Masters Ken Brown and Mike Carpenter were responsible for a great event.  However they both bowed out early, probably exhausted from all the work they put in.  Ken started the day on his brand new GG300 and decided they should get to know each other a little better before getting too serious.  Carl Hopkins also retired early.  Matt reported the following: “I think my Dad said he made a rule that anyone under 60 had to walk the entire section front to back before riding it. I think it was my dad, not sure. I thought the sections were fun! The section on the rocky hillside over by the pipe line was looooonggg! But I just followed Dale so I didn't have to walk it, ha!”


March Event Results:


CADET:                                                L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Noah Hopkins                                      11        6         5            22

Parker Hopkins                                    10        8         9            27     2 twos

Sean Sullivan                                       9         9         9            27     0 twos

Logan Hopkins                                     11        9         11           31     7 threes, 2 fives

Alec Hopkins                                        11        11        9            31     7 threes, 2 fives (First five)


ROOKIE:                                              L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Wyatt Leonard                                    6         3         9            18

Jack Carpenter                                    11        9         8            28

Tyler Carpenter                                   11        9         13           33


WOMEN:                                            L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Julie Phillips                                         5         7         8            20     19 cleans

Jenean Wofford                                  10        8         2            20     17 cleans


NOVICE:                                              L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Ron Wofford                                       0         1         2             3       25 cleans, 1 one, one two

Phil Peterson                                       1         0         2             3       25 cleans, 1 one, one two (First point)

Shannon Durbin                                  12        12        5           29

Cage Carpenter                                   22        20        14          56

Chris Willsey                                       2         --          --            DNF

Allan Newcomb                                   18        --          --            DNF

David Bricker                                      --          --          --            DNF

Scott Johnson                                      --          --          --            DNF

Russ Amos                                           No Score Submitted                Non Comp


AMATUER:                                          L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Tiffany Bucher                                     6         6         11          23    

Tammy Cook                                       15        8         8            31

Brian   Shulda                                     12        9         12           33


SR. AMATEUR:                                    L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Jim Thornton                                       2         7         2            11

Luis Belausteguil                                 3         13        4            20

Gary Wing                                           19        3         8            30



INTERMEDIATE:                                  L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Mitch Wing                                         7         5         8            20

Kelly Echterling                                   6         10        6            22

Rick Land                                             8         14        4            26

Kenny Cook                                         17        12        7            36

Richard Bowden                                  26        26        28           80    

Steve Messenger                                2         0         2             4       Non Comp

Mike Carpenter                                   16        12        --             DNF

Carl Hopkins                                        14        --          --             DNF

Ken Brown                                           26        --          --             DNF


EXPERT:                                              L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Weston Bucher                                   2         9         7            18

Dale Malasek                                      20        14        17           51

Steve Morgan                                     29        --          --            DNF


MASTER:                                             L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Jason Carpenter                                  12        4         15           31

Bruce Carver                                       16        18        12           46

Scott Carpenter                                  13        15        --            DNF   


Reminder:  Work day at the quarry scheduled for this Saturday 4/22.                                


Next event is this Sunday 4/23 in Trenton. President Bowden, Luis and I are working diligently to complete the course. Keep in mind that all three of us observed the Kansas National.  Hope sections aren’t  too hard!


Text Box: The  Honorable President Bowden accompanied by a partial group of First Losers!  Intermediate class Kelly Echterling, Sr. Amateur Luis Belausteguil and Novice Phil Peterson.  Note that Luis and Phil are proudly wearing their medals.