April 2017 Results


CADET:                                                          L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Sean Sullivan                                               11       11       11            33 


Novice:                                                          L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Phil Peterson                                               0           5        0               5

Shannon Durbin                                         6           5        2              13

David Blicker                                                13       5         2              20

Allan Newcomb                                          28                          DNF

Russ Amos                                                    0         0         0            Non Comp


AMATEUR:                                                   L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Jonathon Ketsenburg                                10       3         5              18

Keri Dennis                                                   17       11       8              36

Wesley Robertson                                      15       14       16            45

Ron Wofford                                               19       15       14            48


SR. AMATEUR:                                            L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Luis Belaustegui                                          17       13       6              36

Jim Jeter                                                        25       24       37            86


INTERMEDIATE:                                          L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Randy Dennis                                              10       6         6              22

Kelly Echterling                                           17       18       8              43

Richard Bowden                                         36       23       24            83


EXPERT:                                                         L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Jacob Wieland                                             6         3         5              14

Dawson Dennis                                           4         8         4              16


MASTER:                                                       L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Jason Carpenter                                         8         8         2              16

Scott Carpenter                                          9         7         10            26

Bruce Carver                                               No scores recorded.


The April MATT event is in the books. Trials Masters Richard Bowden and myself designed and set 8 sections with help from Luis Belaustagui and Jenean “Trigger Finger” Wofford.  Jenean had surgery on her hand to repair her trigger finger and was unable to ride. So she decided to walk the sections with me and make the Novice lines harder! Ron walked sections with us and after looking over #3 he stated he was definitely NOT going to advance to Amateur for this event, but he did! Way to go Ron, I for one am proud of you!


On trials day Jenean could hardly stand not being able to ride but put her Trigger Finger to good use snapping some great pictures, mostly of Ron. I have pilfered several of her pics for this publication. You can view more pictures by Jenean, see the link she posted on the MATT FB page.


Here is Ron in section 3 sporting his hockey jersey, and Richard with his fan club; Sean and Suzie.


A person might think that Ron and Jenean are a pair of the nicest people you could ever meet. I know I do. But for some reason they seem to attract fierce rivalries! Jenean could not ride and her arch rival Julie chose not to ride.  Phil Peterson has declared Ron as his competitor to target. So it looks like Phil will be advancing to the Amateur class to pursue his goal of besting Ron. Phil is ready for Amateur. While Phil has been around the club and members and has ridden several events, this was his first time competing at the Trenton Quarry.  He rode a perfect trial, except for one mental error! Loop 2 section 2 Phil took a wrong turn…going right when he should have gone left of a tree at the exit.



Here is a shot Phil in the very section 2 he had his mental lapse.  Looking good here!

Next is the man to watch: David Blicker is riding well and has great potential. His loops scores went 13-5-2!

Novice gang: Young David, Coach Russ, moving to Amateur Phil and newcomer having a blast Shannon.



I heard over and over how great the sections were (I kept muttering that to myself all day) Competitors did like the sections and as a trials master, Richard and I got a great compliment from Keri Dennis. After the event, Keri told me that section 3 and section 5 had lines that she would have never ridden had they not been in the sections. But she stepped up to the challenge and felt good about conquering those obstacles! She did succumb to a “Love Rock” in section 5.  She was on a clean when the “Love Rock” took out her front wheel and down she went. Note: Ask Randy for an explanation of “Love Rock”. 


Speaking of Randy he rode great and really enjoyed the sections. So much so that he did a somersault in section 7 like a preschooler.  You can ask him about that too!

Here is Randy concentrating hard as he approaches the elusive “Love Rock” in section 5.

Middle is a great shot of Nate splattering up a rock pile in section 1. Nate is fun to watch!

Next is Luis on his newly acquired 2013 GG 300 looking to topple the phantom Jim Thornton.


The rider turnout was good and included a new competitor, Wesley Robertson, who did quite well in the Amateur class. Wesley purchased Luis’ 2003 Gas Gas and rumor has it that he is enjoying trials so much he has purchased a brand new Gasser. Wesley plans to be at our May event this weekend on his new mount.


Richard and I were beginning to wonder if anyone would show up for the event we worked so hard on. Dale was enjoying the beach life in Cancun with Jan; Carl and Chris were golfing in Oregon; Steve Morgan, Jim Thornton and Jim Levet were taking in the sites at Moab; Bruce Carver was vacationing in Maui with Diane. Actually Bruce was physically contesting the event but in his mind he was already in Maui! I believe Bruce was heard to say the last thing he wanted was to be sporting a broken arm to Hawaii and that seemed to affect his riding!


Since Jim Thornton was in Moab, Luis’ goal to take Jim down then come after me was put on hold. Luis is riding well but has left the country for three months. He may have some catching up to do when he returns!                     

Jonathan Ketsenburg joined us for the fun. Jonathan is a very good rider but had not competed since…? Because it had been so long, he decided to contest the Amateur class. Jonathan rode well after getting the rust off in loop one. However when he threw a big rear wheel hop in section 5 we informed him that that move is and automatic advance to Expert!


I hope everyone had as much fun as I did even with my lofty scores.  Dale made me a deal I couldn’t refuse on a like new 2014 GG300. This was our first outing together. We got along pretty good but still getting to know each other. Section 6 was setup at Stepside and was quite tough for the Intermediates. The section called for a very tight downhill left hand turn followed by an abrupt return to the top over a HUGE steep slab rock. Loop 1 I coaxed my new mount at an incredibly slow speed up the monster mass. Loop 2 was a little faster heading up the massive obstacle. I reached the top of the rock carrying my front wheel across a depression when my new beauty hiccupped and died. With nowhere to dab we went down! I got a 5 and the Gasser got a few scratches.  The newness is off and she is ready to ride! I think we will have a lot of great times together.  I sold my 2006 to a guy in Fort Scott, KS. I told him I hope he has as much fun on the bike as I have…but he is going to have to work really hard at it!



Join us in Trenton for a 2 day event this weekend. Trials Masters Jason and Scott Carpenter will set 6 traps for competitors to ride 3 times on Saturday starting at noon. A youth event is planned after.  Scott has volunteered to smoke chicken and pork butt for a Saturday evening feast. Members please bring your favorite side dish to share.  Sunday will be a traditional event beginning at 11 am featuring sections by Steve Morgan and Jim Thornton.  Daily awards will be given, no overall.


If you have not seen it yet, Matt Hopkins remodeled the MATT-trials.com website and has done a GREAT job! Please take the time to check it out and let Matt know how much we appreciate his hard work!


CRTC rounds 1 & 2 were hosted by MWTA  May 6,7. Rounds 3 & 4 will be hosted by MITA in Jonesburg, Mo June 3,4. Come join the fun!