Anatomy of a trials rider: last night I woke for an early morning bathroom run. The room was very dark and I was very tired. My left hand grazed a solid object, I was confident I was in the doorway. I strode forward and squarely drove my fore head into the door jamb! I was dazed but recovered with a single dab. Later that morning I made an adjustment to my line, moved further to my right away from the dresser and through the door for a clean. A few inches is often the difference between success and failure in trials and life!

Well the elections are over but the protests persist. We "elected" officers at our last meeting around Carver's campfire before the Hotdog Trials. Almost immediately a motion was made to retain the current officers. Motion was enthusiastically seconded. Without discussion the voting was in, motion passed unanimously minus President Bowden and first lady Suzie who with animated thrusting of hands and arms adamantly protested! Nonetheless here is a message from our second term president:

President notes from the October meeting:

M.A.T.T. officers, Richard Bowden - President, Jim Levett - Vice President, Carl Hopkins - Treasurer, and Kelly Echterling - Secretary, were (Pick one of the following: hornswoggled, railroaded, coerced, coaxed, convinced, won over, brought around, persuaded, or volunteered) to serve for another year.  While not readily accepting of the election results, fortunately the transfer of power should be seamless.

Due to limited parking at the Quarry during a larger event, such as our two day events, a committee has been assigned to investigate expanding the parking/camping areas at the Quarry.  The Committee's report is due at the May meeting. The Committee Members are: Matt, Russ, Steve, Keri, Randy, and Carl.

The Central Regional Series use of NATC "marking and scoring" was not discussed at this meeting.  Since the October event, Keith Lewis has indicated that Rick Rexroat will take over his duties with the Central Regional Series.

The possibility of creating a North Central Regional series was discussed. The series events bring together more riders, as was evident at the Quarry Cup. There were many questions brought up. Further discussions with other clubs will be held on this possibility.

 The next M.A.T.T. Trials is at the Hopkin's on November 20th

 The M.A.T.T Christmas Party will be held at the Hopkin's on December 3rd.

 Thank you for the great support for our Team,

Richard Bowden

A slight protest is still evident in Mr. President’s message; personally I like “Hornswoggled”. Congratulations to all officers and thanks for your continued service.


Once again we had wonderful weather for the entire weekend and a great trials was set up by Carl Hopkins and Bruce Carver. Special thanks to them for hosting Saturday nights campfire dinner. 



Another great turnout from our friends at MWTA! Thanks for joining us!


At the Hotdog Trials I requested inputs from riders and spectators of observations during the event. I waited and waited but having received none you are stuck with me once again! Just kidding:  I am a procrastinator extraordinaire! Don’t even talk to Cathie about it!


The Intermediate riders were walking a section on the first loop when a competitor entered. He rode up and over the rock pile, missed the right turn and ended up in the bushes! Randy Dennis commented, "If you want to pick berries there are some down there" pointing outside of the section entrance. Speaking of Randy, in another section while nursing a sore left ankle he nearly swiped off his little piggy toe of his left foot executing a tight turn between two boulders! Like the very good trials pilot he is, Randy made an adjustment a little to his right on loops 2 and 3.


Steve Morgan told me he crashed again at this event.  Only this time it was not in a section. Unfortunately there were no Rookie or Cadet riders to observe the incident and coach Steve to correct his mistake!


This event was Jenean Wofford’s husband Ron first trials!  He did well and was seen to have a smile throughout the day! Welcome Ron, hope you enjoy many happy years riding with your lovely wife!


Our good friend Louis Belausteguil finally found his way to our Trenton Quarry (he got lost somehow) and joined the Amateur class competitors. After blowing off the rust in the first loop he rode well.


 A tightly contested Sr Amateur class saw only 7 points between Jim Thornton’s fine first place and Jumpin’ Jeter in 5th. Ken Brown finally woke up and posted a loop 3 score of 1! Ah newlyweds! Celeste let Ken get some rest on the eve of trials events!


Dawson Dennis and Jake Gardner signed up in the Intermediate class, rode one section, went to the score shed for new cards and advanced to the Expert class. They both rode well and had a great time.  I say excellent! Dawson you can just stay in the Expert class as far as I am concerned!  Well done both of you!


NEWS FLASH:  Nathan Dennis is riding great and is now sponsored by Sherco/Scorpa/TRS dealer Brad Obidowski of HVCcycle in Lincoln, NE.  Nate is planning to contest the National series in 2017. Congratulations Nate! Looking forward to watching you ride the NATC series!


Speaking of NATC series, the schedule is set:

            Western Series: April 1-2 in Amarillo, TX and April 8-9 in Sedan, KS

            Eastern Series: June 17-18 in Cleveland OH and June 24-25 in Exeter, RI


Also of note:  FIM World Trials Championship July 29-30 in Kingman, AZ.


See for more information.


IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ:  As you can see in the NATC schedule, AVTA is hosting their second national event next spring.  I have been in touch with AVTA’s Kent Irick.  One of the biggest challenges to hosting a national trials is having plenty of volunteers to score/check sections. MATT members were well represented and appreciated by AVTA. Kent has asked me to get the word out asking for names and T-shirts sizes of those willing to work the event in April. He would like to have a decent list early next year. I also spoke to Tammy and Ken Cook who are in charge of checkers for the event.  Their goal is to have enough checkers that volunteers will only need to work one day and be free to spectate the other day. Great idea! Please support AVTA’s efforts to put on a first class event.  Even if you don’t feel confident you have the experience to judge a national there is a place for you.  I will be assembling a list of volunteers to pass along to AVTA so please respond to me with names and T-shirt sizes.



WOMEN:                                                                  L1       L2       L3       TOTAL

Jenean Wofford                                                          11        9         12            32


NOVICE:                                                                   L1       L2       L3       TOTAL

Russ Amos                                                                  8         6         4             18

Ron Wofford                                                              10        5         13            28

Jim Johnston                                                               20        17        11            48

AMATEUR:                                                              L1       L2       L3       TOTAL

S. Hutchens (MWTA?)                                               10        0         3             13

Jonathan Ketsenburg                                                  4         6         6             16

Louis Belausteguil                                                      16        7         7             30

Lauren Clark (MWTA)                                               23        15        17            55


Sr Amateur:                                                               L1       L2       L3       TOTAL

Jim Thornton                                                               3         3         1              7

Mark Hadeen (MWTA                                               3         4         3             10

Jim Levett                                                                   6         4         2             12 (17 cleans)

Bruce Cratty (MWTA)                                               7         3         2             12 (16 cleans)

Jim Jeter                                                                      ?         ?         ?             14

Ken Brown                                                                 10        11        1             22

Jeremy Englehart (MWTA)                                        9         9         5             23


INTERMEDIATE:                                                  L1       L2       L3       TOTAL

Kelly Echterling                                                          9         5         4             18

Randy Dennis                                                             6         5         8             19

Art Gardner (MWTA)                                                            6         9         13            28

Mike Carpenter                                                           10        9         11            30

Richard Bowden                                                         15        28        13            56


EXPERT:                                                                  L1       L2       L3       TOTAL

Jake Weiland                                                               3         2         5             10

Adam Hopkins                                                            5         4         5             14

Dawson Dennis                                                           9         7         6             22

Matt Hopkins                                                              8         10        5             23

Steve Morgan                                                              10        8         6             24

Jake Gardner (MWTA)                                               14        10        11            35

Dale Malasek                                                              23        17        19            59


MASTER:                                                                 L1       L2       L3       TOTAL

Nathan Dennis                                                                        ?         ?         ?             34

Jeremy Cox (MWTA)                                                 ?         ?         ?             48

Bill Sanderson                                                             ?         ?         ?             53


REMINDER: MATT November trials 11:00 am this Sunday Nov 20 at Hoppy Hill. See for directions. This is the same ground we rode in June just west of KCI airport. Trials masters are Jim Jeter and Dale Malesek.  The weather may be a little colder but forecasted to be nice. Come join us! Word is we will witness the debut ride of new trials enthusiast Phil Peterson. Remember Phil: feetup, rubber side down and wear a big smile!

ANNOUNCMENT: The M.A.T.T Christmas Party will be held at the Hopkin's on December 3rd.  It is early but as always will be FUN! Thank you thank you thank you Chris and Carl for hosting this event again!