The Annual Postage Stamp Trial was postponed till January 17th and results were reported by President Richard.  However turnout was low (I was out of town) due to chilly conditions with temperatures in the mid 10's!  Therefore Russ graciously offered to host the February event.  


Conditions were perfect with temps in the mid to upper 50's and dry!  Riders meeting at 11 am, I was not in attendance as I spent the preceding hour looking for my car keys while throwing a temper tantrum like a 4 year old wanting more candy except with some pretty "adult?" language!  


Once I did make it to Russ' it was great to see everyone especially my nephew Elias and his friends who came to check out trials.  Both Elias and Prisang were impressed with what they saw and I hope they make it out again, perhaps even get involved?


I want to welcome Ed Bee who rode a beautiful '70's vintage TL250 (I heard it was restored by Rick Land) in the Amateur Class against my/our friend Luis Belausteguil, who needs to come ride with us more! 


Just before starting my bike I got a tap on the shoulder from Ben Winterer all the way in from St. Paul, MN!  With the cold and snow in MN, Ben sometimes comes down to get tuned up with MATTers early in the year and it is always great to see him.  By his scores looks like he is ready to go! 


Randy and Keri Dennis made the drive down to put the beat down on their class mates! A special shout out to Carl Hopkins who rode his first trials as an Intermediate since knees (both) surgery!  Carl rode well and is excited to be back in the saddle again!


ROOKIE:                                         L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Gage Carpenter                           27        22        25           75

Wyatt Leonard                            23 (decided to go play)  DNF


NOVICE:                                        L1        L2        L3        TOTAL

Keri Dennis                                    3          3          3             9         Ms Consistency

Russ Amos                                     4          3          7            14


AMATEUR:                                     L1        L2        L3        TOTAL       

Luis  Belausteguil                          12        11        13          36

Ed Bee                                            27        31        19          77


SR AMATEUR:                                 L1        L2        L3        TOTAL 

Jim Thornton                                   7          9          5            21


INTERMEDIATE:                              L1        L2        L3        TOTAL    

Randy Dennis                                   2          6          3             11

Carl Hopkins                                     9          4          6             19

Kelly Echterling                                9          6          5             20

Mike Carpenter                                7          7          8             22

Ken Brown                                       13         4         13           30


EXPERT:                                             L1        L2        L3        TOTAL    

Ben Winterer                                     2          6          3             11

Steve Morgan                                    10        10        5             25

Dale Malasek                                     11         12       12           35

Matt Hopkins                                     17         11       15           41



MASTER:                                               L1        L2        L3        TOTAL         

Jason Carpenter                                  1          2         1              4

Scott Carpenter                                   4          5          9            18

Marc Carpenter                                   15         9         7             31