August 2016 MATT Newline


Well it’s September 8th so I feel compelled to publish the August Newsline!


REMINDER:  43rd Annual MATT Quarry Cup on September 17/18, 2016


A large contingent of MATT workers were in the quarry Labor Day weekend to setup sections, clear loop, clean and inventory the clubhouse and beautify the grounds.  I am proud to say that our QC is the longest contiguously run 2 day trials event in the USA!  This year promises to be a fun and well run event once again, Saturday meal included! Our club also has the very best, unique, handmade awards created by MATT’s own Russ Amos! So be there or be square! 


I want to congratulate local trials pilots that placed in the 2016 NATC championships:

Note: first 4 are all from AVTA!


Dustin Land 1st Expert Sportsman (4 firsts) NATC 2016 Western series

Payden Campbell 7th Expert Sportsman NATC 2016 Western series, 5th ES 2016 Eastern series

Greg Campbell 6th Sr Clubman NATC 2016 Western series

Marvin Edgington          3rd SR-60 NATC 2016 Western series, 2nd SR-60 2016 Eastern series

Dale Malesek 1st SR-70 NATC 2016 Western series, 1st SR-70 2016 Eastern series

Tom Holbrook 4th Clubman 2016 Eastern series


MATT July event was held at our grounds in Trenton.  Once again a great contingent or 6 riders from MWTA was in attendance.  While the temps were high, it never seemed to be too bad and all competitors had a fun time (I think).  Trials masters Randy, Keri, Nate, Dawson Dennis and Harley Griffeon laid out a fun and challenging trails.  Harley’s grandson Conner helped Keri setup Junior/Cadet sections but then his bike quit before the trials and he did not get to ride. He was bummed!


There were no Junior/Cadets or Novice competitors but we did have some retreads in the Amateur class.  Chris Chandler and Matt Tustison are friends of Matt Hopkins. Both have ridden events in the past and the fire to ride trials has been rekindled! Both rode well and had a friendly rivalry between them.  Matt T told me during the event that he is “in Chris’ head”.  Apparently Chris shook him out because he was able to best Matt T in the end! The trials gods have spoken! I hope to see them continue their rivalry between the tape!


A spectator at the July event, photographer Phil has a GG300 and has been learning the sport with great enthusiasm!  Hopefully he will make his debut at QC 2016.  I have heard about a couple of other interested newbies, please make them all feel welcome!


Speaking of new riders, it appears we have a prospective future rider in Richard Bowden’s grandson Sean. He has been practicing on his stryder and loves to come to events with Grandpa and Grandma!  That is great! But it is a competitive advantage with Richard bringing his own cheerleading squad to route for Grandpa in the sections!


JULY 2016 Results


AMATEUR:                                              L1     L2     L3     TOTAL

Dawson Dennis                                          10      7       3           20

Chris Chandler                                           14      10      9           33

Matt Tustison                                             6       17      13          36

Keri Dennis                                                20      14      14          48

Russ Amos                                                 22      15      18          55

Lauren Clark                                              28      21      21          70

Harley Griffeon                                                                          DNF


Sr.  AMATEUR                                        L1     L2     L3     TOTAL

Bruce Cratty                                               9        7       5           21

Jim Thornton                                              8       11      6           25

Jim Jeter                                                     14      10      10          34


INTERMEDIATE:                                   L1     L2     L3     TOTAL

Randy Dennis (Declared Non-Comp)         13       5       3           21

Kelly Echterling                                            7      7       13          27

Mike Carpenter                                          14      8       15          37

Carl Hopkins                                              14      11      13          38

Art Gardner                                                21      9       10          40

Jeremy Englehart                                        17      20      13          50

Richard Bowden                                         26      16      17          59

Steve Morgan                                                                             DNF


EXPERT:                                                  L1     L2     L3     TOTAL

Jeremy Cox                                                9       8       9           26

Adam Hopkins                                           22      11      12          45

Dale Malesek                                              18      14      17          49

Matt Hopkins                                             25      12      13          50

Dylan Clark                                                25      23      23          71


MASTER:                                                 L1     L2     L3     TOTAL

Jason Carpenter                                         1       2       7           10

Nathan Dennis                                            7       3       3           13

Bruce Carver                                              17      10      15          42

Scott Carpenter                                          Unclear  loop scores  54

Bill Sanderson                                            19      22      19           60


NOTE:  Dawson rode a Yamaha TTR 230 to victory in the Amateur class! Keri thought it was pretty bad that he whooped her on her own dirt bike!  No comment from the rest of the class!-)


Nate, Dawson and Randy were playing with a plastic 50 gallon drum before the event.  They had so much fun with it they decided to use it in the event!  Pilots had to push the barrel with the front wheel though the section and exit without dabbing or running the barrel out of the tape.  It was fun but it also cost me a lot of points!  In this photo, courtesy of Phil Peterson, MWTA’s Lauren Clark successfully pilots her new Beta to get the barrel out the exit.








Ken Brown and Celeste Maulfair have tied the knot!  The ceremony took place on August 27th at their residence in front of a group of family and friends.  They are honeymooning in Florida and have been able to avoid the tropical storms!  While enjoying their new truck and camper in Florida, they have promised to return in time for the Quarry Cup.  On behalf of all mid American trials enthusiasts I want to congratulate the newlywed couple and wish them many years of happiness.


Make plans to join us at the 43rd Annual Quarry Cup in Trenton, MO on September 17 and 18.  This is also 2016 Central Regional rounds 5 & 6.


Happy trials to you, until we meet again!