April Results

A soggy mess greeted groggy competitors at our April 17 event.  Trials Masters President Richard Bowden and my humble self were GREATLY aided by the work done the weekend prior to the event. The InfAmos Russ Amos organized a horde of members for a work day focusing on the area known as Stepside.  Thank you one and all for your hard work and for contributing sections!

Classes were encouraged to make changes to sections to accommodate the conditions.  However it is my understanding that the Master class riders made no changes and still had low low low scores!  Remarkable!

The Hopkins clan showed up in force!  Grandpa Carl with his sons Matt and Adam spent the day coaching the grandsons.  I observed lots of smiling faces. Looked like they all had a great day! Adamís youngest (Logan? Alec) was a little tentative at first then was the last one riding! Adam had a hard time getting him off the Oset! It appears the future of MATT is being secured by Hopkins and Carpenters!


April event results:

MASTER:                                        L1       L2       L3       Total

Jason Carpenter                              3         2         2            7

Scott Carpenter                               4         4          3           11


INTERMEDIATE:                         L1       L2       L3       TOTAL

Randy Dennis                                15       13       12          40

Kelly Echterling                            16       19       13           48

Ken Brown                                     27       28       21           76

Richard Bowden                          28       31       32            91

Steve Morgan (Non-comp)       Could not make out all of Steveís scores but he                                                                                  schooled the Intermediates!


SR AMATEUR:                              L1       L2       L3       Total

Jim Thornton                                 8          7         2           17

Jim Jeter                                          13          9      11          33

Jim Levett                                       10       18      6             34

AMATEUR:                                     L1       L2       L3       Total

Jonathan Ketsenburg                  15         9          7          31

Keri Dennis                                    14       16       15          45

NOVICE:                                          L1       L2       L3       Total

Julie Phillips                                   13       13       16          42   

Russ Amos (Non-comp)               3         2         0             5                                       


Remember:  May 14/15 2-day, start time noon on Saturday and 11:00am Sunday.  Stay the weekend and enjoy BBQ and fellowship around the campfire!