A brief meeting was held before Saturdays ride.  Discussion of a location for the upcoming QC 2016 meeting occurred, a message will be sent to members once the date, time and location are finalized.  We were also reminded that the June event will be at Hopkins Hill so remember:  June trials to be held at Hopkins Hill this Sunday at 11am.  There will be no Junior class sections.  Located just west of KCI airport, directions to the site can be found at MATT-trials.com.

Saturday’s event was billed as a “Fun Trial”.  We started at high noon, rode 3 loops of 6 sections that were devised by trials masters Richard Bowden and Kelly Echterling.  Six sections from the April event were revised and primarily run in the reverse direction.

To increase the fun meter, our honorable President Richard set up a Poker Run.  Three sections had zip lock bags of cards placed in envelopes so players could not see the cards as they collected them.  Once the hands of three cards were turned in to Mr. Prez, they were ranked best to worst Poker hands and prizes were given to the top ten.  Winners chose from WD-40, micro-fiber towels, duct tape, bug spray and the like.  Had to be present to win and apparently club officers were not eligible, at least I didn’t win any of the 10 prizes!

A very cool benefit to having a shortened event is that many riders were seen practicing after completing the course.  Randy Dennis enforced a “we ride number 6 till we all clean it” rule for the Intermediats. After MANY attempts and with the tutelage of Master pilots Scott C and Bill S the feat was accomplished! Jenean W was seen riding several sections from the event even the one she crashed in on the first loop.  You go girl!

Juniors rode sections constructed by Grandpa Carl H.  Fun, smiles and cheers were the order of the day as crowds of spectators followed the future super stars around the course.

Scott C built a brand new smoker and debuted it on Saturday.  Mountains of pulled pork (thanks to the Master pulled porker Bill S) and chicken highlighted the dinner fare accompanied by the usual outstanding sides of BBQ beans, salads and sweets.  Reportedly there was a pecan pie, however I did not see or taste this treatL! Ken B did you eat all of that?

Eight sections were crafted by trials masters Steve Morgan, Jim Thornton and Jim Levett for Sunday’s competition.  A great variety challenged the competitors.  Three in the quarry with the third sporting a bog, then two hill climbs and a bog in 4 that included a greasy log for M&E.  Five was a difficult log section. Six at stepside was up and down and up and down and up a hillside (this section got the best of Intermediates except for Mike Carpenter who owned it all day, made it look easy!).  Seven was in the creek starting at Thornton’s bridge and had more greasy logs in the downstream run.  Eight was a new section, an off camber up, down and up just off the trail behind the score shed.  Well done Steve, Jim and Jim!

Joel Whitworth came in from near St. Louis.  He rides with MITA and came out to dominate the Amateur and Sr. Amateur classes on his very quiet but capable 4-stroke Beta.  Come back and ride with us anytime Joel!

Nate Dennis was seen riding the Expert lines on Mom’s 125 GG.  Look for him to make his return to trials on a Sherco 300 next Sunday!

Saturday Results:                                                                          Sunday Results:                

Novice:                                 L1        L2        L3        Total    Place:          L1        L2        L3        Total   Place:

Jenean Wofford                 10       7         10         27          1                 14       12       7            33        1     

Amateur:                             L1        L2        L3        Total     Place:         L1        L2        L3        Total   Place:

Jim Thornton                       1         0         0             1           1

Joel Whitworth                   0         4         0             4           2

Jonathon Ketsenburg        2         2         1             5           3                7         6         10         23         1

Jim Jeter                                6         1         2             9            4   

Jim Levett                             10       2         1            13          5

Keri Dennis                           9         9         2            20          6                15       16       14         45          3

Luis Belausteguil                                                                                         14       8         5           27           2   


Sr Amateur:                        L1        L2        L3        Total    Place:          L1        L2        L3        Total   Place:

Carl Hopkins                        1          0         0             1             1               2         3         1             6           2

Ken Brown                           1         1         0             2            2                5         7         6            18          3

Joel Whitworth                                                                                           1         4         0              5           1

Jim Levett                                                                                                     11       4         14           29         4

Jim Jeter                                                                                                        13       15       12           40         5


Intermediate:                     L1        L2        L3        Total    Place:          L1        L2        L3        Total   Place:

Randy Dennis                      7         4         2            13           1               14      7         4             25          1

Kelly Echterling                   7         6         7            20           2               14       9         5             28          2  

Richard Bowden                 9         15       18          42           3               16       7         15           38          3

Mike Carpenter                                                                                          12       17       9             38          4     


Expert:                                  L1        L2        L3        Total    Place:          L1        L2        L3        Total   Place:

Matt Hopkins                      6         3         4             13           1             

Steve Morgan                     14       2         3             19           2



Master:                                L1        L2        L3        Total    Place:          L1        L2        L3        Total   Place:                                                 

Bruce Carver                                                               6                              DNF

Scott Carpenter                                                          6                              8         11       14           33         2

Bill Sanderson                                                            13                            25       21       15           61         3

Jason Carpenter                                                                                         9         3          7            19         1


Okay, I don’t know how we can get points out of Jason without killing the rest of the class but well done, Jason, well done!


Cadet:                                   L1        L2        Total   

Noah Hopkins                     0         3             3           


Cadet:                                   L1        L2        Total   

Parker Hopkins                   13       13          26

Alec Hopkins                        11       16          27

Logan Hopkins                    16       18          34


Well look at that, an all Hopkins Juniors pilots!  Ain’t it great! Way to go guys!  Special thanks to Grandpa Carl Hopkins for setting up the Jr sections and managing their event.


New news:  AVTA agreed to be an alternate location for 2017 NATC series. Greg Gann informed me that So. Cal has backed out and AVTA have been awarded rounds 3 & 4 of the western series! The AMA NATC website already has them on the calendar for April 8-9, 2017!  AVTA did an awesome job with their first ever national in 2014 and they were very appreciative of all volunteers.  Please consider helping them as scorers next spring or plan to ride and represent MATT!

REMEMBER:  MATT trials at new ground, Hoppy Hill on Sunday June 19th.  See website for directions.  Start time is 11:00 am.