November 2015 MATT News Line


MATT President's Corner

MATT Members and other enthusiasts:


There has been a change of venue for MATT's December 20th Trials!  Ken Brown has volunteered to have the December Trials at his place west of Leavenworth.  This will be a setup and ride.  Please arrive about 9:00 AM and setup a section.  Trials will start at noon.


Ken Brown's (27760 215th St. in Easton, KS)



Head West out of Leavenworth, KS. on KS-92 (Springdale Rd).

From the Casey's gas station in town go approx 8 miles and turn left on 215th St. (watch for A-Frame house on your right, left turn is just past it)

Follow markers, property drive is on your left.



Richard Bowden


Thank you Ken for your offer!  Hope we get great weather and a BIG turnout!


BIG Announcement:


If you have not already got the news, MATT’s very own Dale Malasek has been inducted to the NATC Hall of Fame!  Dale has been competing in National events since the mid 70’s and I would bet he has contested more national events and won more championships that any other competitor!  I have not researched this but I would love to see a full bio of Dale’s national trials history, events contested, championships won and his contributions as GasGas USA importer.  Congratulations Dale on a very well deserved honor.


Other inductees are Stan Hensley, Scott Head, Sid Mulden, & Jerry Huddleston.  Congratulations to all!

Anyone interested in competing in NATC rounds in 2016 visit for information including the schedule and rules changes.


The 2015 CRTC schedule has been completed.  This is a fun series that MATT participates in and GasGas USA sponsors.  Results from 2015 can be found at .  The 2016 schedule has not been published at this time.  Only five MATT members signed up for the series in 2015.  I encourage more members to contest this fun series.  I will include 2016 CRTC series information as it becomes available.


Besides the Set UP and Ride event at Ken Brown’s on December 20, keep in mind the very fun Russ Amos’ Postage Stamp Trials on New Years Day at 1pm.


Carl and Chris Hopkins have graciously offered to once again host the annual MATT Christmas Party on January 9, 2016.  Stayed tuned for additional information and/or updates.



NOVEMBER 2015 Trials Review


I travelled to the NTTA Central Regional at Red River riding area; therefore I was not in attendance for this event.  Dale Malesek and Jim Jeter were the Trials Masters for this event.  Seems like the weather never cooperates with our November trials and participation suffers.  This year the weather was GREAT and yet the participation was low.  Jason Carpenter was in attendance and his wrap up of the event is as follows:


“Fun event.  Too bad more couldn't enjoy it.”


That’s all I got on that besides the scores:


NOVICE:                     L1   L2   L3   Total

Russ Amos                 3     3     7     14 (That’s what it said on the scoreboard!)

Cage Carpenter       34   25   25    84

Jenean Wofford      17                DNF


Jim Leavitt               10     0    1     11

Harley Griffeon      23   19   13    55



Randy Dennis        8     1     4     13

J. Ketsenburg        9     8     4     21



Steve Morgan      14   13    8    35



Jason Carpenter  2     3     9     14

Scott Carpenter                     DNF