December 2015 Newsline

From the President: 


Don’t forget upcoming events: Postage Stamp Trials on Friday January 1, 2016 at 1pm.

MATT Christmas party at the Hopkins on Saturday, January 9th.  More info to follow.

Setup and Ride event currently set for January 17 at Trenton.  Stay tuned for any changes.


December Trials Results

The December Setup and Ride event was last Sunday at Ken Brown’s house and I must say it was the best Setup and Ride event I have ever participated in (actually the first one but it was FUN!).  Special thanks to Ken for hosting the event and especially Celeste for treating us to chili and fixins’ and NFL football afterwards!

A very good turnout of MATT members to setup 7 great sections for local and some travelling competitors!  Mitch and Gary Wing as well as Ken and Tammy Cook came in from central Kansas.  Jenean Wofford and Chris Peatross travelled in from Warrenton, MO.  We also had two new riders from Iowa, Larry Bever and James Schuster coming down from near Des Moines to ride their second trials ever.  Thanks to all for coming in to ride with us!

Section 1 was created by Russ Amos and President Bowden.  It was a really easy except for the huge log at the beginning that M-E-I crossed on a bit of a downhill lie then right back over on an uphill lie then up and to the right over a snaggle of rocks.  Other than that it was easy, well the M-E had a monster rock and other obstacles.  Only two pilots were able to clean it all 3 times.

Section 2 was also done by Russ and Richard.  We started above the creek and dropped down, then back up and back down and back up.  This was a very fun section and provided lots of laughs! Overall this was an easy trap BUT for the BLOCKHEAD pilots executing it! AT LEAST 4 riders (including myself) took the wrong route around one of two trees in the section, even while fellow “competitors” were shouting instructions out to them.  The 2 inch tree root going at an angle across the uphill near the exit also collected more points than you would have guessed!

Section 3 was said to be the best and most funnest trap of the day (mostly by me).  I engineered this masterpiece in a small gulley just off the hay field.  Very few points were taken by the M-E-A-N riders but Intermediates did find it more challenging.

Section 4 was setup by Ken and Celeste and was one of the easiest sections of the day except for the slippery ass rocks! Amateurs and Novices had low scores, Tammy Cook and Jim Bridges said it was their favorite, next to #3.  Bruce only had 1 point here even though Ken had a more than huge log obstacle for the Masters on the left bank of the gulley! Great ride Bruce!  Intermediates were baffled by this trap, predominately a natural section, start at the bottom of the rocky gulley and ride it to the top. Simple. While there was not a lot of water or mud in this maniacal mess, it seemed to get slicker as the day went by. Execute the proper amount of speed and body in motion with the bike and viola, a clean ride.  Easy. Slow down or God forbid stop and you are in for a physically taxing dab and push fest to get to the finish!  The LARGEST cheers of the day were for James Schuster on loop one.  In his second trials coming from a Hare Scrambles background, James poked his Sherco into 2nd and shot up the trap in record time posting 1 point!  Ken Brown was the only other Intermediate to match that score loop 1.  Loop 2 I cruised into the section straight off the loop and flowed thru posting the only clean for I-class of the day.  I followed that up loop 3 by smacking my left little piggy toe into a rock, changing my trajectory and spitting me out of the section for a 5!

Section 5 was the year long toil of Bruce Carver assisted by Steve Morgan.  This too was an easy section except for the monster logs that had to be crossed numerous times by most classes! Jenean Wofford liked this section as the Novices entered over two small logs then proceeded up along the right tape in a hill climb to the exit. The other classes had numerous opportunities to cross over slippery slimy logs, sometimes over one then immediately over another. At one point I was between two of these monsters, both feet on the ground, lift the front wheel up, bring both feet up onto the next log, drop off and stabilize with both feet on the ground again before pointing my way onward in the section.  Ken Brown looked over at Mitch Wing and asked “What technique is that?”  Well Ken that is the Strider Technique, used here and in the previous section for 3’s! Speaking of Ken B, he had a great ride for a clean here as well as Mitch Wing who cleaned it twice. Bruce created this monster and was the only Master class rider yet he pushed himself with and exceptionally difficult trap and did so with rides of 3-1-2. Great job!

Section 6 was the work of Jim Thornton. It was a hellish hillside strewn with rocks and a big log and topped by a solid ledge of limestone. This was the most difficult section of the day and anything less than a 3 in any class was a great ride. Even after the Intermediates unanimously and dramatically changed the entrance, it was HARD! While no one said this was their favorite, it was a very good section and will probably be one that we practice ride a lot in the future. The Intermediates started quickly up a grade, over a rock then a rock then another rock, up the “V” opening in the ledge (where I once again smashed my left little piggy!) , cruise to the left, make a hard 180 left at the brink of the drop off, proceed down in stair step fashion, sweeping to the right, off camber up over a rock, then a rock, another rock then a NASTY downhill left turn over an “open book” rock formation that wigged me out every time! Only one Intermediate cleaned this part of the section, Ken Cook cleaned the section on loop 2 with a wonderful ride. Our guest, Larry Bever, had some real excitement here! Sure he comes back to ride with us again.

Finally section 7 built by the infamous Jim Bridges utilizing a practice section that is near impossible to clean with some nasty logs that Jim managed to make nastier and an off camber left turn between 2 trees with a few rocks placed at just the right spot to slip your rear wheel while trying to execute the turn. That part was at the end. In the start, we went over a smaller log, left turn, over the same log and across to a larger log which we crossed THREE times with very tight turns involved then 2 more smaller logs before reaching the aforementioned off camber left. Strider alert!

Thanks to everyone who had a part in creating this event and a very special thanks to the travelling competitors who joined in the fun with us on this warm December Day!

FYI:  A tentative schedule has been posted for the 2016 CRTC series. NEOTT has elected to not hold a round in 2016 and MWTA is back in.

April 16-17 Buffalo Dream Ranch Mountain Park OK (Chris Johnson’s place)

April 30 may 1st  MWTA TBA

September 17-18 MATT Trenton MO

October 8-9 AVTA Sedan KS

October 14-15 MWTA Corn Husker (Not a CRTC Event)

October 29-30 NTTA Muenster TX 


Don’t forget the Postage Stamp Trial at Russ Amos’ January 17th, 2016 at 11 am.  See our website at for directions. A very reliable source has told me that most of the sections are already finished. Now if Mother Nature complies with good weather…!


NOVICE:                                            L1        L2        L3        Tot

Russ Amos                                        1         4          3           8

Jenean Wofford                             13       8         12        33


Gary Wing                                        5         1         5         11

Tammy Cook                                   11       6         11       28

Jim Bridges                                       10       7         12       29

Chris Peatross                                 22       18       15       55

Jim Thornton (Non Comp)           2         2         5            9


Mitch Wing                                      6         5         3           14

Kelly Echterling                               14       18       13          45

Ken Brown                                       20       19       12          51

Ken Cook                                          23       18       18          59

Richard Bowden                             21       24       22          67

Larry Bever                                      27       24       26          77

James Schuster                               31       25       28           84


Steve Morgan                                 16       16       18           50


Bruce Carver                                   10       16       17           43