What a Fun-filled weekend!!

May 17th and 18th, 2014


     The May two-day lived up to it's usual high standards of fun by having something for everyone to enjoy.  The festivities got started about 4 o'clock on Saturday with the Annual Golf Cart trials down at the pavilion.  The first event had some reciting and dancing going on as the contestants had three different stations to stop at and do something.  The first stop had the passenger jump out of the cart,  recite the pledge of allegiance as fast as they could, then hop back in and go to the next station.  Once there, the driver had to get out and do the chicken dance for a short time, then get back in and go to the next station.  At the third station, both driver and passenger had to jump out and do the twist until the judges gave them the O.K. to get back in and drive to the finish line.   Needless to say, this was a timed event, so the couple with the fastest time would be the winner.  Next event was a backwards race which made for some exciting cornering around the obstacles.  The third event was a poker run with four different stops throughout the quarry to pick-up your cards and getting the last card at the finish line.  After final tabulations of all the different scores (and having them certified by the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe), the team of Kelly and Cathie Echterling took home the gold, followed by Ken and Celeste in second, and the Morgan team of Steve and LaDonna rounding out the top three.  Many thanks to all the people who helped set-up and run the event. 

     After all that competition, everybody had worked up quite an appetite, so up the hill to Scott and Jo's campground for the annual May two-day feast.  This year the main course was smoked brisket,  pork butt, and chicken accompanied by all the delicious side dishes furnished by the rest of the group.  Thanks to Scott and Jo for smoking the meat and hosting the event in their campground and to all the rest for bringing the sides to complete the meal. 


     For a May two-day the rider turnout was a little small with only twenty  riders contesting the sections, and four of those were in the Junior classes.  Steve Morgan and Jim Thornton were the event trials masters and did a good job of utilizing many different parts of the quarry to challenge the riders.  Carl and Matt Hopkins laid-out the Junior class sections around the scoring pavilion area  to challenge  the little guys.  In the Cadet class, Trip Carpenter and Parker Hopkins were set to duel it out to the end, but an early DNF by Parker gave Trip an easier road to the gold.  Rookie class had Cage Carpenter and Wyatt Leanord going at it with Cage ending up with only two dabs for the day.  Wyatt was in top form until section three, where he picked up his only points of the day, a five.  It is really going to be fun to watch these kids get better every time they ride, and to see the determination on their faces as they try to get that ever allusive “clean” on a section.  Novice class had two riders, with Julie having to DNF, and Russ riding Non-comp as he gets his trials legs back.  Amateur class had Mr. President himself Jim Bridges taking the win with Jonathan Katzenburg close behind in second.  Keri Dennis and Chris Peatross were dueling it out for third, with Keri getting the edge over Chris.  Intermediate class had almost half the riders in the event, with eight contestants going for the gold.  Kelly pulled out the win , followed closely by Ken, just two points back, and Mike right behind Ken by two.   The Master class had Bruce on top of the podium with Scott right behind.  Thanks to Steve and Jim for all their hard work in setting-up the trials.  Just need to get more riders to come out and enjoy them. 








       May 18th Trials Report


Junior Class Cadet

1.      Trip Carpenter                        42

2.      Parker Hopkins                     DNF


Junior Class Rookie

1.      Cage Carpenter                        2

2.      Wyatt Leanord                         5


Novice Class

1.      Russ Amos (Non-Comp)        30

2.      Julie Cook-Phillips              DNF


Amateur Class

1.      Jim Bridges                            12

2.      Jonathan Katzenburg             15

3.      Keri Dennis                            35

4.      Chris Peatross                        58


Intermediate Class

1.      Kelly Echterling                     11

2.      Ken Brown                             13

3.      Mike Carpenter                      15

4.      Randy Dennis                         18

5.      Jeff Simmons                          28

6.      Richard Bowden                     40

7.      Carl Hopkins                           45

8.      Nathan Dennis                        27



Master Class

1.      Bruce Carver                          19

2.      Scott Carpenter                       27