MATT Trials

March 30th, 2014


         What a difference two weeks can make!!  On March 16th, we were greeted with snow, rain, and sub-freezing temperatures.  On trials Sunday, just two weeks later, a beautiful sunrise and temps rising to 75 degrees during the day.  Ah, Mother Nature, you just got to love her!!  OK, on to the trials.  We had a good turnout for the event with the riders numbering in the 30's, and the spectators more than that.  I'm guessing the weather and the itch to get out and ride had a lot to do with the good turn-out. 


            Last Sunday marked the debut of yet another junior class rider, namely Parker Hopkins.  Not even three years old, Parker demonstrated some of the techniques learned from his dad Matt and Grandpa Carl as he swept the Cadet class with only four points for the day.  Look out Rookie class, he's coming on strong.  Rookie class had two riders, Tyler Carpenter and Wyatt Leanord, dueling it out with Tyler coming in with the win by two points.  The last time these two rode against each other, Wyatt took the win by one point.  Should be interesting to watch those two as they gain in riding skills in the coming years, as well as the rest of our young riders.  The Womens' class had three riders, one from the west (Abilene, KS), one from the east (Warrenton, MO) and one from right here in the north land (Happy Rock, MO).  Tammy Cook was nursing a sore shoulder so she rode non-comp, but still turned in two clean loops and finished with just one point for the day.  Julie Philips took home the gold with two clean loops also and finished with three for the day.  Right behind was Jenean Wofford  coming in with a respectable 13 for the day to nail-down second.  Ride on, gals!!!


            The Amateur class had two riders, with Steve Smith winning the gold with a fine 18 point effort for the day.  Keri Dennis nailed down second, always looking to take the lead if Steve faltered.  In the Sr. Amateur class, Jim took first, second, third, and fourth.  Jim Winterer from Minnesota had only one point for the whole day, besting Jim Thornton, who finished with three for the day.  Right behind was Jim Jeter, dabbing only seven times.  Rounding out the class was Pres. Jim Bridges, who was the only senior to lower his loop scores each lap.  Intermediate class had the most riders with eleven, resulting in two ties in the top eight places.  Young Dawson Dennis showed the older guys how it's done with only 6 dabs for first.  Mitch Wing kept the pressure on Dawson with a nine point score for the day.  Third place was the first tie, with Kelly Echterling and Randy Dennis  both posting 14 points for the day.    Kelly won by virtue of 17 cleans to Randy's 16.  Ken Brown took fifth place honors, followed by Gary Wing and Kenny Cook.  Eighth place was another tie with veteran rider Carl Hopkins besting Jeff Simmons, our newest member (welcome to MATT, Jeff) 13 cleans to seven.  Rounding out the leader board was Richard Bowden who was trying to get familiar with his new Gas-Gas.  Unfortunately, Jon Broughton had to DNF due to mechanical failures with the bike.  Better luck next time, Jon.


            Expert class had the other half of the Winterer family, Ben, taking top honors with only 9 points for the day, and seven of those were on the first loop.  Nathan Dennis was right behind Ben with 19, and Dale Malasek rounded out the top three.  Steve Morgan had a DNF to complete the leader board. 

The Master class had the three Carpenter's, Jason, Marc, and Scott riding against one Bruce Carver.  Do you ever wonder if Bruce thinks he is getting ganged-up on???  Anyway, Jason pulled away with a seven point day and left Scott, Bruce, and Marc dueling it out to end up finishing in that order.  The Carpenter's would like to thank all of the riders and spectators who came to participate and who helped to make the event as successful as it was.


Just a bit of News-line info:  Pres. Jim is organizing checker teams for the Peru, KS. National on May  31st and June 1st so if you are interested in helping out, let him know.  Also, the regular MATT  April trials has been moved to April 13th to avoid a conflict with Easter Sunday.  The trials will be held  at our regular club grounds in Trenton, MO.  Start time will be the same, with the Juniors starting at 10:00 and the regular trials at 11:00.  Trials masters for the event are Bill Sanderson, with help from Jim Jeter and anyone else who would like to pitch in.  Ken Brown will be setting-up the Junior sections for the day.    That's about it for now.  Keep those feet on the pegs and keep on ridin'.                            


MATT - March 30th, 2014 Trials Results


Cadet Class                           Points            

      1.   Parker Hopkins                4                     


Rookie Class

1.      Tyler Carpenter              26

2.      Wyatt Leanord               28


Women's Class

1.      Julie Philips                     3

2.      Jenean Wofford             13

3.      Tammy Cook                   1   Non-Comp  


Amateur Class

1.      Steve Smith                   18                 

2.      Keri Dennis                   48                


Sr. Amateur Class

1.      Jim Winterer                   1

2.      Jim Thornton                  3

3.      Jim Jeter                         7

4.      Jim Bridges                  22


Intermediate Class

1.      Dawson Dennis              6

2.      Mitch Wing                    9

3.      Kelly Echterling           14 w/17-0's

4.      Randy Dennis               14 w/16-0's

5.      Ken Brown                  32

6.      Gary Wing                    39

7.      Kenny Cook                 41

8.      Carl Hopkins                46 w/13-0's

9.      Jeff Simmons               46 w/7-0's

10.  Richard Bowden          80

11.  Jonathan Broughton   DNF


Expert Class

1.      Ben Winterer                 9

2.      Nathan Dennis           19

3.      Dale Malasek               44

4.      Steve Morgan             DNF


Master Class

1.      Jason Carpenter              7

2.      Scott Carpenter             23

3.      Bruce Carver                30

4.      Marc Carpenter            41