Trials Report

June 15th, 2014


     What a beautiful weekend to ride trials and camp out at the Quarry!!  The festivities started out Sat. evening with a meal consisting of smoked pork butt sandwiches, grilled corn on the cob, and various sides furnished  by other club members at Scott and Jo's campground.  The meat was left over from the May two-day and Scott and Jo furnished the corn to complement the meal.  It was a shame that more people weren't able to attend and enjoy all the goodies.  (Being Father's Day weekend might explain some of that.)  Anyhow, all that could attend had a great meal and enjoyed a nice campfire to round out the evening. 


     The June trials masters were Jim Bridges, Steve Smith, and the Dennis family.  Somebody in that group likes really tight turns as many of the sections were technical in nature and you had better have your basic trials skills mastered to negotiate most of them.  They laid-out an assortment of sections ranging from creek beds to hill climbs to sneaky snakes with a few large rocks thrown in for good measure.  The Junior class sections were laid-out by Jim B., Mike and Marc C., with some others helping out.  


     The Junior class had five riders this month, with three different types of bikes.  Some had electric bikes, one had gas-powered, and one was even pedal-powered.  The Cadet class had Trip Carpenter taking the win, with Elliot Carpenter pedaling his way to second place.  I think this is the first trials that Elliot has competed in, so Kudo's to him.  Go Elliot!!  The Rookie class saw a change at the top as Wyatt Leanord outlasted Cage Carpenter by one point for the win.  Tyler Carpenter was close behind for third place.   Novice had two gals going at it for first place, Julie Cook-Phillips and Jenean Wofford from Warrenton, MO.  Julie took home the gold with Jenean right behind for silver.  Jenean was also voted in as a new MATT member  so “Welcome to the club, Jenean!!” 

     Sr. Amateur had a Jim taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Jim Levitt, with a scorching 2 point second loop, took the win over Jim Jeter with Jim Bridges coming in third.   Intermediate class had five riders  contesting the sections with Randy Dennis coming out on top with Mike Carpenter, Kelly Echterling, Ken Brown, and Carl Hopkins rounding out the rest of the field.  After having no Expert riders at the May event, June saw  Grieg Engel on his new Gas-Gas outlast Matt Hopkins to take the gold.  In the Master class, it was a certainty that a Carpenter was going to win as Jason, Scott, and Marc duked it out with Jason taking the win, Scott coming in second, and Marc following in third.  Thanks to all the trials masters for all their hard work and for putting on a good event. 


     The next trials is July 20th at Trenton and I heard a rumor it will be a gate trials.  If you have never ridden a gate trials, come on up and try a slightly different type of trials.  It is a lot of fun and presents a new type of challenge for you.  See you all there, I hope!!!!










Trials Results

June 15th, 2014


Junior Class, Cadet          Sorry, no scores available

1.      Trip Carpenter

2.      Elliot Carpenter


Junior Class, Rookie

1.      Wyatt Leanord

2.      Cage Carpenter

3.      Tyler Carpenter


Novice Class

1.      Julie Cook-Phillips            17

2.      Jenean Wofford                  27


Sr. Amateur

1.      Jim Levitt                           32

2.      Jim Jeter                             38

3.      Jim Bridges                        52


Intermediate Class

1.      Randy Dennis                    20

2.      Mike Carpenter                 34

3.      Kelly Echterling                43

4.      Ken Brown                        45

5.      Carl Hopkins                     53


Expert Class           

1.      Grieg Engel                       23

2.      Matt Hopkins                    54


Master Class

1.      Jason Carpenter                21

2.      Scott Carpenter                 41

3.      Marc Carpenter                52