18th Annual Postage Stamp Trials

January 1st, 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes!!!


         When you think back about the weather that surrounded the trials date, you have to believe that Russ and Co. have got this figured out pretty darn good.  Schedule a few warm days before the trials to let the snow melt away, and then on trials day have it just cold enough that nothing will thaw and turn to mud but just warm enough to still enjoy riding in the cold.  Then, just as everybody is leaving to go home, it starts snowing.  Talk about good timing.  There was a total of twenty-seven riders at the event plus their friends and family that had come out to watch.  Russ's trials are unique in that almost all of the sections are viewable from the driveway or back deck so it makes for a very spectator friendly event.                                                                                                                                                                              This was the first MATT trials in a very long time to incorporate a Womens class into the event.  With the rise in the number of  female participants at the recent trials events, both local and long distance, I think it will make for a very competitive class.  With the growing number of young riders increasing also, Rookie and Cadet sections will be laid out at each event starting in March to give the young trials stars of tomorrow something to ride right now.  Now, on to the trials.......


            Of the twenty-seven riders at the event, seven of them were in Intermediate class, making it the largest group of riders, followed by the Masters with four.   Most of the rest of the classes had two riders each while  Beginner and Expert each had one.  To try and negotiate the sections that Russ and his crew of Larry W. and Richard B. had deviously designed to challenge our skills to the highest level was our task for the day and would prove to be quite a challenge as the scores would reflect our efforts.  From a low of seven points for the day to a whopping seventy-four dabs,  the sections had something for everyone.  Check the results page and you can see some classes had quite a spread between scores and others were much tighter.   


            Probably the best part of the day for some of us was after the trials when everybody got to chow down on some great chili, ham & beans, hot dogs and brats, and all the great sides that people brought.  The meal itself is reason enough to come to the event, and with a chance to get out and ride on the first day of 2014, well, as they say, 'It Don't Git No Better Than That”!!  A big “THANK YOU” to Russ and Jane, Larry and Cindy, and Richard for all your hard work in putting on this event and your  dedication to the sport of trials.


            Upcoming events include the January trials on the 19th, which will be a set-up and ride if the weather cooperates, and February 16th, with the same format.  Remember to check your e-mails before traveling to Trenton for a winter trials event.  President Jim will send out an e-mail on the Sat. before the event if it is canceled.            





Women's Class                                                       Expert Class

1.     Tammy Cook               7                                   1.  Grieg Engel          61

2.     Jenean Wofford          35

                                                                               Master Class

Rookie Class                                                              1.  Jason Carpenter    38

1.     Cage Carpenter          46                                  2.  Josh Nutsch          40

2.     Matthew Turnbull      97                                  3.  Scott Carpenter     44

                                                                                   4.  Bruce Carver         51

Beginner Class

1.     Chris Peatcross          24


Novice Class

1.     Caleb Schaefer           28

2.     Eric Wilburn              44

3.     Bret Wilburn              47


Amateur Class

1.     Steve Smith                34

2.     Jim Bridges                42


Sr. Amateur Class

1.     Tim Turnbull              20

2.     Richard Bowden        47


Intermediate Class

1.     Mitch Wing               17

2.     Steve Nutsch             41

3.     Kenny Cook              44

4.     Kelly Echterling        45

5.     Ken Brown                46

6.     Gary Wing                 71

7.     Mike Carpenter         74