Trials report on the April 13 trials. Well the weather Gods looked like they were going to rain on our parade. But at 10:45 am the rained stopped and other than a heavy sprinkle between loop 1 and 2 that was it for the rain during the event. It did not rain again until everyone was loaded up. All the sections were expertly laid out by Jim Jeter and Bill Sanderson. In the rocks I might add. They must have had a premonition. But even if it was raining ALL the riders were ready to tackle the sections. After all it is called “TRIALS” for a reason!!! Which brings me up to the amount of riders we had that showed up to ride the event? Admittedly it was an off weekend, it had been a long winter, there was the threat of rain, it was close to tax time, some people had a hang nail, one person’s house plant died, etc. But THREE RIDERS showed up to ride.


Amateur- Russ Amos 57pts

SR Amateur- Jim Jeter 19pts

Intermediate- Richard Bowden- 48pts

Ps: Richard had a really bad spill, in the rocks, on section 8 (the last section) on the first loop. After having to walk around and rubbing out the pain he looked at his brand new GasGas 300 to discover that the fork tube protectors that Dale recommended he put on had a big gash out of one of them. If he had not had those on he probably would be replacing a fork tube. So “Thanks, Dale”.