Mid-America Trials Team

40th Annual Quarry Cup


For forty years now Mid-America Trials Team (MATT) has been hosting their annual Quarry Cup two-day trials event in September.  Back in the late 1980's, because of high temperatures, we moved the Quarry Cup to the fourth weekend hoping for a little cooler weather.  Well, all that got us was much cooler temperatures and much colder rain.  After we all got tired of being wet and cold, we moved the trials back to the third weekend where it has remained ever since.  All but one year (2000), we have had the Quarry Cup at either our old quarry by K.C.I. Airport or at our current club grounds just west of Trenton, MO.  In 2000, one of our club members, Ken Brown, offered his 80 acre farm in Easton, KS. to hold the event at.  We are proud to say that the Quarry Cup, to our knowledge, is the longest consecutively running two-day trials event held in the Unites States.  And unfortunately, Mother Nature apparently likes us also as she sees fit to “rain on our parade” eight out of the last eleven Quarry Cups.  This year was no exception as Sunday morning about 8:00 she arranged for a four-hour shower to soak everything in sight.  When you check the scores for each day, you will see what I mean. I have always said if you can ride in the rain and mud, you can ride in anything.

      Heading up this years event was President Jim Bridges as head trials master, and with this being our fortieth year he wanted to do it up right.  Bruce Carver and Steve Morgan did a great job of coordinating sections for each day, both morning and afternoon classes. All the club members are required to set-up a section for the two-day and then Bruce and Steve get to figure out where the  loops need to be marked  to tie it all together.  Everybody in the club gets involved, from section lay-out, loop cutting and marking, Sat. evening's feast, entertainment, bonfire, advertisement and T-shirts, scoring, checking, and grooming the club grounds in preparation for the big event.  A big “THANK YOU” to all who had anything to do with this years event and especially to the gals in the score shed  for doing another outstanding job figuring out  all those wet and soggy score cards.  An added bonus this year was a display put together by Mike and Cheryl Carpenter of  past Quarry Cup T-shirts ranging from 1976 to the present.  That's about thirty-eight T-shirts if you're counting.  They also had a time-line display showing most of the significant events that have happened over the last forty years of MATT.  Another poster displayed all of the Quarry Cup winners from 1974 to the present day.  Some of the winners include Lane Leavitt (1974), Dale Malasek (1976), Jack Stites (4 times),  Steve Clark (a record 8 times), Jason Carpenter (5 times),  and the current Quarry Cup champion Dustin Land (2011-2013).  We would like to thank all the riders and their families that have come to the Quarry Cup over the years which has helped  MATT continue to host a top quality trials event year after year.  A special thanks to Candy Brown, Ken's daughter, who transported all the BBQ and side dishes all the way from Olathe, KS. so we could enjoy a great meal and a good time with all.  Also, thanks to Scott Carpenter for providing the sound system and music for the feast and bonfire. 

Now, on to the trials report....

     In the Cadet class, Ryan Land showed off his trials lineage as he took the win on Sat.  Octavia Snethan and her brother Connor weren't far behind in 2nd and 3rd respectively.  On Sun. Ryan had to DNF so that left the podium wide open for Octavia and Connor.  They tied on Sun., but Octavia held on to a 11 point advantage gained on Sat. to take the overall win.  The Rookie class riders swapped places from Sat. to Sun., with Tyler Carpenter taking the win on Sat. and Wyatt Leonard riding to victory on Sun.  Wyatt edged out Tyler by 1 dab for the overall win.  The Novice class had some serious competition as Justin Dyes and Keri Dennis both had 4 points on Sat, with Justin getting one more clean, 24 to 23, to take the win.  Ann Marie Cross rounded out the top three with a 12.  Sunday saw Keri up her game as she bested Justin by three points to give her the win and overall 1st place, bumping Justin to 2nd overall. Preston Campbell had third for the day, but a late charge by Dalton Land resulted in Dalton edging out Preston by 1 dab for 3rd overall. 

     Amateur class had a familiar name from the 70's top the podium both days.  Jeff Simmons, who rode a TY-80 in Junior class back in the day, motored his way to the win both days on his new ride, a 2006 Gas-Gas Raga.  Didn't look to me as if he had any rust at all from the long lay-off from trials.  Second on Sat. was Tim Davis, with Steve Smith pulling down third, only 4 points back.  Consistency paid off for Steve as he had another 3rd on Sun. resulting in a 2nd place overall finish.  Jumping from 6th on Sat. to 2nd on Sun. gave Dylan Clark the 3rd place overall.  Senior Amateur is always a highly competitive class and this year was no exception.  On Sat., the two top riders had clean score cards the whole way, with a ride-off resulting in Mike Cross taking the win over Jim Thornton.  Just 1 dab behind was Mike Peterson in 3rd.  Sunday saw a different leader with Randall Black taking the win with 8 dabs.  Right behind was Jim Thornton with 9 followed by Mike Peterson with 13.  Jim got the overall 1st place, with Mike in 2nd.  Lurking just off the podium, Greg Campbell had two good rides to slip up into  3rd place overall.   In the Intermediate class, Mike Cross, who had moved up from Sr. Amateur on Sat., came in with only 5 dabs to take the win on Sat.  Right behind Mike was Randall Black with 8, followed by Dawson Dennis with 10 to round out the top three.  Sun. had three different riders on the podium, with Ken Brown mastering the mud as he came in with a 41 for 1st.  Right behind was Randy Dennis with a 44, followed closely by Mike Carpenter with a 46.  This made for a really interesting race to the finish as Dawson, Mike, Randy, and Ken all ended with 58 points for both days.  After counting clear down to the 2's, Randy was declared the overall winner over Dawson, with Ken besting Mike on cleans to take 3rd overall.  I can't ever remember when there was a 4-way tie for first at the Quarry Cup in any class.  Now that's some intense competition. 

     Senior Expert had 7 riders going for the gold, with Mitch Wing topping the class on Sat. with only 2 dabs.  Justin Dyes had 5 dabs to nail down second, with Neal King coming in 3rd.  Sunday had a new face atop the leader board as crafty Carl Hopkins pulled off the win with a 28 point day, followed by Mitch with 35.  Kelly Echterling slipped into third with 50.  The overall win went to Mitch, with Carl's ride on Sun. boosting him to a 2nd place overall, and Kelly coming in 3rd.  The Expert class had a familiar face in the top spot both days as Steve Clark from MWTA came in and took control to come away with 1st place overall.  Marc Carpenter had a good ride on Sat., coming in just 1 point behind Steve and 5 points ahead of Nathan Dennis, one our young rising stars, for a 3rd place finish.  Sunday saw Nathan switch with Marc for 2nd, and also end up in 2nd place overall for the weekend.  Marc, who had raced around the loop on Sun. so he could finish the event and get one of his sons to a soccer game on time, bested Bruce Carver by 1 dab to take the 3rd place overall finish. 

     In the Master class, Homer Hensley had plans to stop Dustin Land from getting a three-peat as Quarry Cup champion as he turned in a 6 point loop on Sat. to take the win.  Five points back was Dustin, and right behind him was Jason Carpenter.  On Sun. though, Dustin, being down by 5,  turned up the heat and came in with a 27 to Homer's 35.  That gave Dustin the overall win and his third Quarry Cup championship.  Homer came in just 3 points off the pace for 2nd, with Jason rounding out the top three overall places. 

     A special thanks to Candy Brown, Ken's daughter, for bringing all the BBQ and fixin's all the way from Olathe, KS. so we could all enjoy a great meal and a good time with all.  Also, thanks to Scott Carpenter, who provided the sound system and music for the Sat. night feast and bonfire.  



Class                                       Saturday  Place              Sunday  Place          Overall      Place


Ryan Land                                  17            1                       DNF

Octavia Snethan                         22            2                          15       1               37              1

Connor Snethan                         33            3                          15       2               48              2



Tyler Carpenter                          6             1                           11      2                17              2

Wyatt Leonard                           9             2                             7      1                16              1



Justin Dyes                             4/24          1                             12     2                16             2

Keri Dennis                            4/23          2                               9     1                12             1

Ann Marie Cross                      12           3                            DNF

Tom Anderson                          18           4                            DNS

Dalton Land                              27          5                              69    4                 96            3

Bob Epp                                    34          6                             DNS

Jeanne Wofford                         44          7                             DNS

Preston Campbell                      45          8                              52    3                 97          



Jeff Simmons                           13          1                                42    1                55           1

Tim Davis                                22          2                                70    4

Steve Smith                             26          3                                 61    3                87          2

Tammy Cook                           28          4                               DNF

Harley Griffieon                      33          5                                 78    5               111

Dylan Clark                             42          6                                 49    2                91         3

Covy Confer II                        60          7                               DNS

Greg Gann                               65          8                               DNS


Sr. Amateur

Mike Cross                               0           1    ride-off                9/17           Non-comp

Jim Thornton                            0           2                                   9       2             9           1

Mike Peterson                          1           3                                  13       3            14           2

Steve Nutsch                            2           4                                 DNS

Greg Campbell                         4           5                                  20       4            24          3
Bruce Crotty                             5          6                                   32       6           37

Paul Turnbull                            6          7                                 DNS

Richard Bowden                       7          8                                   31       5            38

Rick Rexroat                             8          9                                   48       8            56

Gary Wing                               15        10                                  35        7           50

Kent Irick                                 16        11                                DNS

George Currier                         25        12                                DNF

Willard Kelly                           27        13                                   66      9            93

Jim Bridges                              38        14                                DNF

Russ Amos                               41        15                                DNS

Randall Black                                                                             8        1 


Class                                    Saturday    Place               Sunday    Place        Overall    Place


Mike Cross                               5              1                       54          6                59/26

Randall Black                           8              2                     DNS                                                                                                          

Dawson Dennis                       10             3                       48          5                58/26       2

Mike Carpenter                      12/17         4                       46          3                58/19   

Cody Rexroat                         12/16         5                       47          4                59/30

Randy Dennis                        14/16       tie-6                    44          2                58/26       1 (went to 2's)

Keith Lewis                           14/16                                   56          7                  70

Ken Brown                              17             8                       41          1                58/25      3

Shawn Willis                           18             9                      DNS     

Rick Shanks                            31           10                       59          8                   90


Sr. Expert

Mitch Wing                              2              1                       35           2                   37        1

Justin Dyes                              5               2                      DNS

Neal King                               11              3                       57           4                   68

Kelly Echterling                     13              4                       50           3                   63        3

Steve Nutsch                          19              5                      DNS

Kenny Cook                           21              6                      DNS

Carl Hopkins                          27              7                       28           1                    56        2



Steve Clark                              7              1                       19            1                    26      1

Marc Carpenter                       8               2                       38           6                    46      3

Nathan Dennis                       13              3                       25           2                    38      2

Bruce Carver                          18             4                      29/15        3                     47

Steve Morgan                         35             5                      29/10        4                     64

Matt Hopkins                         57             6                       DNS

Dale Malasek                         68             7                        57           7                    125

Jason Rexroat                         73             8                        87           8                    160

Bill Sanderson                                                                   36           5      



Homer Hensley                       6             1                         35          2                       41     2

Dustin Land                           11            2                         27          1                       38     1

Jason Carpenter                     17            3                         47          3                       64     3

Scott Carpenter                      44            4                         76          4                     120 

Bill Sanderson                        63           5                        DNS