Mid-America Trials Team

Newsline and May trials report


     The spring two-day for the MATT club was held on May 18th and 19th at the club grounds in Trenton, MO.  The day started out with a few clouds around, but soon cleared for a nice sunny day at the quarry.  The first event of the day was a trials school put on by Scott Carpenter and a few of our other top riders.  This has always been a popular event because it gives the lower class riders some one-on-one instruction from the top riders and also a chance to get help with different techniques for riding trials.  About 10 riders attended the school with all coming away feeling better about their riding abilities. 

     Next up was the ever-popular “Golf Cart Trials,” put on this year by Chris Hopkins and LaDonna Morgan.  The first section was a Chinese Fire Drill, with three stops on the course where the contestants had to get out of the cart, run around the cart 3 times, switch drivers, and get underway again.  The top three winners in this section were Scott & Jo Carpenter, Nate & Dawson Dennis, and Kelly & Cathie Echterling.  Next section was a Blindfold Driver Course, which had one driver blindfolded and the passenger telling them where to go in the section.  One cart, which shall remain nameless, found the only tree within 100 feet and promptly ran over it.  The top three in this section were Matt & Christy Hopkins, Jim Bridges & Larry Werthmuller, and Trip Carpenter & family.  The last section of the day was a Poker Run through much of the quarry and back to the score shed for the final card.  The winners of this section were the Echterlings, with three-of-a-kind. 

     After all that activity, everybody had worked up quite an appetite.  They headed back to their campsites and grabbed the side dishes they had prepared and headed up the hill to Scott & Jo's campground for dinner.  Scott had gotten up early and put some brisket and pork on the smoker, so with all the side dishes there, we had quite a feast.  Thanks to all who contributed in any way to the meal and the rest of the day's events.  After dinner we were all entertained by Carl Hopkins on the guitar, accompanied by Chris and the “HEY” girls!

     After a light sprinkle Saturday night (just enough to keep the dust down), Sunday looked to be a beautiful day for trials.  The trials masters for this event were Steve Morgan and Jim Thornton, who had laid out 10 sections throughout the quarry to test the riders abilities.  A total of 18 riders contested the event with Sr Amateur and Intermediate being the largest classes with 4 riders each.  From an Intermediate riders viewpoint, I thought the sections were just right, challenging without being  dangerous or impossible.  Thanks to all who came and rode or spectated. Trials results on the next page.


     If anybody has any T-shirts or jerseys from the following years, 1974, 75, 78 – 83, 86, 88 -89, and 1994 please let me know so I can fill-in the collection for the party.  Also, if you have an overall award from any quarry cup check with Carl to see if he needs to borrow it to complete the series he is working on.  Don't forget the upcoming meeting near the end of this month.  President Jim will let everyone know where and when the meeting will be held.  This is also the Quarry Cup planning meeting so it is crucial that “YOU” plan on being there.  That's about all for now.  See you all at the June trials on the 16th.     



Mid-America Trials Team

May 19th Trials Results



             1.Matthew Leanord                                 18



            1.  Jonathan Ketsenburg                            66

            2.  Keri Dennis                                          74

            3.  Jon Broughton                                    DNF


Sr Amateur      

1.      Jim Leavitt                                          37

2.      Jim Jeter                                              39

3.      Jim Bridges                                         40

4.      Russ Amos                                          54



1.      Kelly Echterling                                 29 12-0's

2.      Randy Dennis                                     29  9-  0's

            3.   Ken Brown                                         30

            4.   Mike Carpenter                                  40



1.      Nathan Dennis                                    50

2.      Dawson Dennis                                  60

3.      Steve Morgan                                     69



1.      Scott Carpenter                                   45

2.      Bill Sanderson                                    65

3.      Marc Carpenter                                   67