October 21st, 2012

The ever-popular Hot Dog Trials and Chili feast was a huge success this year, as in past years. The duo of Bruce Carver and Carl Hopkins (with added help from sons and nephews) designed and laid-out 8 challenging sections for the competitors to attempt. On Saturday, the hot dog and chili feast was held at 4:30 at the spacious estate more commonly known as “Horseshoe Ranch” (also known as Carver's campground). After a filling meal, MATT held it's annual club meeting to elect new officers and conduct any other business that needed to be taken care of. Then, newly appointed “Camp Host” Bruce took all the little trick-or-treaters for a hayride around the quarry. After that, the little ones went around to all of the campsites and collected a lot of Halloween treats from all the campers. Then, back to the Carpenter's deck for a goo old fashion Halloween party complete with spooky music, apple cider and juice boxes, and those great Halloween cupcakes made by Cheryl (plus more candy). A good time was had by all who were present.

The next morning saw a total of 20 riders sign-up for the event. The Amateur and Intermediate classes had the largest group of riders, with 9 and 6 riders, respectively. In the amateur class, Jim Thornton was king of the hill with an impressive 4 point day. Close behind was Craig Lisher and Jon Broughton, both with 8 points, with Craig taking second with 19 cleans, to Jon's 18. The rest of the class ranged from 14 to 40 points for the day. The Intermediates had some close competition as well with Kelly Echterling taking the gold with 11 dabs followed closely by Randy Dennis with 13. Right behind Randy was his oldest son with 17 for the day. Expert class had only two riders but they dueled it out all day with Marc Carpenter taking the win over Steve Morgan. Master class, with it's three riders, did not disappoint the spectators by putting on quite the show of spectacular rides section after section. Still don't know how those guys do some of the stuff that they do. Fun to watch!! After the awards presentation, Mike Spee was voted into the club as a new member. Welcome to the club, Mike. That pretty much wraps it up for the trials report this month. Looking forward to seeing all of you at next months trials, the 18th of November, 11:00, at the quarry in Trenton.

Trials results, October 2012


  1. Jim Thornton 4

  2. Craig Lisher 8 19-0
  3. Jon Broughton 8 18-0
  4. Jim Lavett 14
  5. Jim Jeter 20
  6. Steve Smith 23
  7. Jim Bridges 31
  8. Keri Dennis 50
  9. Mike Spee 51


1. Kelly Echterling 11
2. Randy Dennis 13
3. Nathan Dennis 17
4. Mike Carpenter 18
5. Dawson Dennis 22
6. Ken Brown 33


1. Marc Carpenter 29
2. Scott Carpenter 39
3. Steve Morgan 42
4. Bill Sanderson 48
5. Adam Hopkins 62