MASTER:                                                                  EXPERT:

1) Scott Carpenter                 69                                1) Greig Engel                        60                   

2) Bill Sanderson                    71                                2) Kelly Echterling                 81

3) Marc Carpenter                 76                                3) Chris Williams                   98

                                                                                    4) David Walkinshaw           DNF


INTERMEDIATE:                                                   NOVICE:

1) Carl Hopkins                     40                                1) Andrew Moreau                27

2) Matt Hopkins                    45                                2) Josh Mesecher                    29

3) Randy Dennis                    62                                3) Philip Vernaeghe               30

4) Mitch Wing                       68                                4) Zayne Arndt                      32

5) Joe Boyce                            91                                5) Seth Gray                           54

6) Paul Turnbull                    DNF


Note: Due to the large number of Amateur riders, it was decided to split the class into Amateur and Senior Amateur.  That’s a good problem to have.


AMATEUR:                                                              SENIOR AMATEUR:

1) Nate Dennis                       27                                1) Mike Carpenter                 10

2) Kirby Woolston                 30                                2) Harley Griffeon                 34

3) Jeff Arndt                           34                                3) Jim Bridges                        ??

4) Tim Kristl                           43 Tie                          4) Russ Amos             41

4) Dillon Woolston                 43 Tie                          5) Bob Sanderson                  62

5) Tony Sargent                     44

6) Scott Wheeler                    67

7) Steve Smith                        DNF


MARCH’S EVENT:  Riders entertained 9 challenging sections per class set up by Ken Brown, Craig and Ray Lisher, Paul Turnbull and Grieg Engel.  Sections 1 and 2 were in the creek by the parking area.  Three, 4 and 5 (the hardest of the days event) were in the hillside across from the house.  Six thru 9 were in the woods and creek on the other side of the property.  Ten was out in the ledges along the driveway and 11 was a new section out by the road.  After the event, Bill Sanderson was recounting section number 3.  A VERY long section that came in over a huge log, then up a steep wash, over another couple of logs, and on and on.  Bill said that he was clean thru 9/10ths of the section, and then of course fived it when he punched the front tire into a ledge at the exit.  A three or less would have put him in first place for the Master class.  Sound familiar?   

Chris Williams just can’t get enough riding.  If you don’t know Chris, he’s the one doing wheelies for about 5 miles on the loop between sections.  Chris had so much fun in section 10 that he doubled its length by dropping below a tree too early and having to reverse directions and go back above the tree to stay “in the section”.  Luckily, his fellow class mates instructed him on how to correct his mistake mid-section, both the first and second loop!  Third times a charm! 


“Yes, a Rottweiller!”  Cheryl Carpenter answering questions about Jason’s dog bite.

“Section 9 was ENGELineered” Grieg Engel invents a new word in reference to a section he laid out.

“Yes your in the right class” Kelly Echterling encouraging Chris Williams to stay in Expert class to keep Kelly out of last place! (NOT FOR LONG! Chris is doing great!)

“I need to change this 9T front sprocket so I can ride the same gear as you guys!” Chris Williams before the second loop at the big wet hillclimb.

“Yes! We don’t ride number 7. Twenty years ago I’d have been mad if we didn’t get to ride a section!” Greig Engel.

“Some day, but today is not the day” Carl Hopkins after holding off Matt from beating him for the first time EVER!

DAMMIT!”  Matt Hopkins after learning he had lost yet again to his Old Man.  Note: Carl and Matt were tied after 2 loops, then Carl poured it on in the 3rd loop, winning by 5 points.  Of course Matt agonized that he gave it  away, taking stupid points on the last loop. 

EDITORS NOTE:  If you ever have anything you want to contribute to this Newsline, by all means tell me.  I can’t be every where during an event and my memory is not so good, so please share your own experiences or observations and especially “NOTABLE QUOTABLES” so I can include them.