January 2007 Trails


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  It’s cold! Yup, and the snow is deep. Got some ice too!  I bet I couldn’t even get into the Quarry if I tried. I know I couldn’t get out if I did get in!! My knee is kinda bothering me today too.  Nobody in their right mind would try to ride a trials on a day like today.  You’d have to be crazy! I think I’ll just stay home, wrapped up in my blankey on the couch, all warm and snuggly, have a  few beers, chips and dip and watch the NFL Playoffs!


You may have had other reasons for not going to Trenton for a setup and ride January trials but as far as I know, nobody showed up!  I guess we are not that crazy.


So guess what?  Our February trials is scheduled for this Sunday at Trenton and the weather is not cooperating at this point.  But if it clears off and warms up I am sure people will show up.  This is also a setup and ride event.  See you there!?