Spreading the Christmas Cheer


Dec. 17th, 2006


            The winter season kicked off in grand style with 21 riders and temperatures remaining a constant 44 degrees through out the day.  The December trials also marked the start of the set up and ride format.  This is where the club members that are in attendance set up a section, a make shift loop is formed and everyone rides together for the first loop.  This format will be used for the January and February trials as well.  For a quick hodge-podge of sections thrown together, I thought they were great.  One of the more interesting sections was Ken Brown Jr’s.  It required a shoehorn be used for the lower classes to squeeze through a tight opening in the rocks.  Everyone figured Kenny’s diet had been working.  It was later changed.  It was great to see all the new faces in the Novice class.  I believe 3/4 of the class had 2 trials or less under their belts.  Mark Crabtree took a close win over his nephew Bobby Crabtree.  Zayne Arndt from the MWTA in Nebraska took a solid third.  Derek Lange made a good showing in one of his first events by finishing fourth.  The Amateur class was overflowing with eggnog and riders.  They had a whopping eleven in the class.  Joe Boyce claimed king of the mountain with his first place ride.  Jeff Arndt nabbed second place while Mike Chebul won out a tight battle between four riders for third.  Dale Malasek took the two Intermediate riders under his wing to ride Expert.  This plan almost backfired as up and comer Chris Williams nearly got Dale.  Ken Brown Jr. won the tough man award today as he continued to ride after slicing his hand open on a rock.  I did not see the crash, but understand the acrobatics would have put the US Men’s Gymnastic team to shame.  Jason Carpenter returned to action and had a strong fight on his hands with Scott Carpenter and Bill Sanderson.  Only two points separated the three going into the final loop.  Early cleans in the loop enabled Jason enough cushion to survive a lost rear brake and surge from Scott at the end of the loop.  Bad luck claimed Bill Sanderson’s day, as he had to settle for third.  Thanks go out to all who helped set up and tear down the sections.  Also thanks to our visitors from the north.  See you all next year.


In honor of Kelly’s notable quotables, here’s a small sampling of tid-bits I overheard.


“Ooooooohhhh!!!!………..are you all right?”  Crowd response to Steve Smith’s crash in section 1 on the third loop.


“Why is everyone looking at me?”  Russ Amos going through section 5.  Could be those stylish pants.


“Did I make it?”  Jason Carpenter after crashing off a rock and landing on his back in section 4.


“I don’t think I’ll be having anymore kids.”  Bill Sanderson after having an abrupt and not so discreet meeting with his gas tank.




Novice                                                                        Expert

1. M. Crabtree             Gas      25                    1. D. Malasek              Gas      47

2. B. Crabtree              Gas      31                    2. C. Williams               Gas      53

3. Z. Arndt                   Sco      40                    3. K. Brown Jr.            Gas      81

4. D. Lange                  Gas      53


Amateur                                                          1. J. Carpenter             Gas      44

1. J. Boyce                   Gas      27                    2. S. Carpenter             Gas      46

2. J. Arndt                    Gas      35                    3. B. Sanderson            Gas      61

3. M. Chebul                Bet       41

4. J. Bridges                 Gas      42/10-0’s

5. B. Cratty                  Bet       42/8-0’s

6. J. Crabtree               Gas      44

7. H. Griifieon               Gas      52

8. B. Sanderson            Gas      55

9. R. Amos                   Gas      62

10. S. Smith                 Gas      77

11. B. Kabourek          Mon     97