Triple Digits

It's @#$%'n Hot!

One would think from the title that this was a hard event with high scores. Unfortunately, those were the temperatures for the day. On a scorcher of a day, 19 riders donned full riding apparel and headed into the wooded rock quarry. By the end of the day, there were a few clothes shed and fewer riders. Out of the 19 that started, 13 finished. Oddly, most of the DNF's came from the Amateur class. Many thanks go out to Randy and Keri Dennis, Harley Griffeon, and his buddy from Iowa (whose name I don't have) for stepping up and getting the trials set on short notice. If it weren't for them, everyone would have shown up to a ribbon less quarry. There were two tight battles in the Novice class. The fight for first place came down to a one-point differential. Steve Smith sweated the close call to take victory over Keri Dennis. The other fight was for third. Steve Porter rode his vintage Montesa to finish one ahead of Brian Boss. The Amateur class started off with seven riders but finished with only two. I think Nathan Dennis was making scary faces to spook everyone away. It must have worked as he cruised to an easy win over the other iron man in the class, Harley Griffeon. The Intermediate class was a two person affair. Randy Dennis was undaunted even when the Polaroid Cameras came out to catch his competitor, Jim Jeter, walking around topless. Randy went on to win while Jim has a follow up shoot for GQ magazine later this fall. The Expert class has been a dying breed. Once again, the cupboard was bare, so we'll finish up with the Master class. Jason Carpenter avoided heat stroke for once and took the win over balance king Jake Weiland. Scott Carpenter had an up and down day before settling for third. That about wraps it up. Thanks again to all those who helped set up the event and for the participants who opted to play in the dirt instead of the water. Without both parties, this would be a blank sheet of paper. See you at the two-day.

1. S. Smith Gas 11
2. K. Dennis Gas 12
3. S. Porter Mon 27
4. . Boss Gas 28
1. N. Dennis Gas 17
2. H. Griffeon Gas 53
4. K. Woolston Gas DNF
4. J. Bridges Gas DNF
4. B. Wachendorfer Gas DNF
4. D. Dennis Gas DNF
4. B. Sanderson Gas DNF
1. R. Dennis Gas 37
2. J. Jeter Gas 53
1. K. Echterling Gas 56
2. J. Gerdeman Gas 84
1. J. Carpenter Gas 20
2. S. Carpenter Gas 46
3. B. Sanderson Gas 52
4. B. Sanderson Gas 52
5. M. Carpenter Gas 56
6. D. Malasek Gas DNF