The Pupil has Become the Teacher

Once you snatch this pebble from my hand...

The June trials is now in the history books. To be forever immortalized in this newsline until you either hit the delete key or file 13 it in the trashcan. The Dennis clan set up eight fun sections in anticipation of some hot weather. Fortunately, the hot weather never arrived and temperatures in the 70's remained the norm of the day. Despite scattered showers in the Kansas City area, the quarry was extremely dry. The Novice class had a pair of Steves contending for first place. Steve Porter opted to ride a Montesa this time with great results. Steve enjoyed a 12-point lead over second placeman Steve Smith. This was Mr. Smith's third trials and he his showing great improvement. The Amateur class was schooled today by 9 yr old Nathan Dennis. When asked about the victory, Nathan replied, "well golldarnit all to heck, that was the most fun I've had all day!" Coming in second was newly inducted member Jim Crabtree. Harley Griffeon from Iowa made the trip worthwhile with a third place showing. Carl Hopkins was seen after the event strutting around and saying "who da man? I da man" and with good reason. Carl climbed to the top of the podium boxes for the Intermediate victory. Mike Carpenter kept within striking distance but had to settle for second place. Chris Williams steady improvement netted him a third place. Kelly Echterling let it all hang out to grab first place in the Expert class. Jason Gerdman, in his first Expert trials, had a respectable showing good enough for second place. Scott Carpenter is now two for two with another win in the Master class. Bill Sanderson took his new mount to a great second place finish. Adam Hopkins sat two points back for third. My thanks go out to Marc Carpenter for obtaining the results from this event. Until next time, remember, your hands go on the bars and your feet need to stay firmly on the pegs.

1. S. Porter Mon 48
2. S. Smith Gas 60
1. N. Dennis Gas 13
2. J. Crabtree Gas 33
3. H. Griffeon Gas 38
4. K. Woolston Gas 41
5. J. Bridges Gas 41
6. . Sanderson Gas 50
1. C. Hopkins Gas 20
2. M. Carpenter Gas 28
3. C. Williams Gas 42
4. J. Jeter Gas 45
5. K. Brown Jr Gas 45
1. K. Echterling Gas 56
2. J. Gerdeman Gas 84
1. S. Carpenter Gas 15
2. B. Sanderson Gas 47
3. A. Hopkins Gas 49
4. M. Carpenter Gas 51
5. J. Carpenter Gas DNF