Carpenter's Wait is Over

May 6th & 7th

Scott Carpenter put all the pieces to the puzzle in place for his first over all two-day victory in the Master class. Smooth riding and consistency paid off for the youngest Carpenter as he put in solid loop rides both days. It also helped that he was light on his feet in the mud while others floundered about leaving bikes and bodies strewn throughout the sections. Second place went to Jason Carpenter while third went to yet another Carpenter. Marc Carpenter's solid ride on Sunday helped propel him past Adam Hopkins for the number three overall spot. The Experts were on hand only on Sunday. Kelly Echterling and Dave Walkinshaw duked it out with Kelly being the victor. The Intermediate class saw a lot of jockeying over the weekend. Saturday's winner, Randy Dennis, was taken out of the running after his son Dawson tried to remodel some of the quarry by taking out a tree. With Randy at the hospital, that left the door wide open for Carl Hopkins to walk through and claim first overall. Mike Carpenter netted second while Jumpin Jim Jeter took third. Jim Bridges has taken over as head master in the Amateur class has he gave a clinic in riding on Sunday. Bob Sanderson also threw out some old school as he nabbed second. Young whippersnapper Nathan Dennis kept the elder statesmen in sight with a third place showing. The Novice class was won by a pair of Steve's. Steve Smith took home gold glory on Saturday with Steve Porter taking home the gold medallion on Sunday. Steve Morgan, Jim Thornton, Bob Sanderson, and Bill Sanderson did a great job with a mixed variety of terrain that didn't cater to one riding strength over another. The fish fry put on by Jim and Susan Bridges and company Saturday night was excellent and rumored to be an annual affair. All in all, it was a great weekend. Until next time, keep your bars in your hands and the pegs under your feet.

1. S. Smith Gas 42
2. S. Porter Sco 48
3. B. Boss Gas DNF
1. J. Bridges Gas 67
2. B. Sanderson Gas 77
3. N. Dennis Gas 93
4. . Amos Gas 107
5. D. Dennis Gas 19
6. K Woolston Gas 33
1. C. Hopkins Gas 67
2. M. Carpenter Gas 91
3. J. Jeter Gas 129
4. R. Dennis Gas 13
5. J. Gerdman Gas 18
6. P. Turnbull Gas 50
7. . C. Williams Gas 82
1. K. Echterling Gas 61
2. D. Walkinshaw Gas 87
1. S. Carpenter Gas 56
2. MJ. Carpenter Gas 57
3. M. Carpenter Gas 94
4. B. Sanderson Gas 111
5. A. Hopkins Gas 131
6. B. Carver Gas 70
7. S. Morgan Gas 82