Hey, Who called the Cops?

Funny on so many levels.

May, 2006

Although the April trials event ended with Police sirens wailing, they were not for us. Unless you are the miss you drove into a telephone pole knocking it over. Fortunately, the trials started with better fortune. Held at the famous (in our own minds) Carpenter trials resort in Excelsior Springs, MO, the trials presented 9 challenging sections for the riders to tackle. Rain the night before made the previously dry slick sections a little wet slick. It didn't last throughout the day, and actually helped to tact up the ground. Some were able to put this tacting to better use than others. The Novice class enjoyed three first timers today. Kirby Woolston, a relative of Paul Turnbull, made quick work of his competition en route to a solid victory. I f the Turnbull aura is any where present, you can be assured that Kirby will be moving up the ranks shortly. Brian Boss also made his debut in Novice. Brian hung tough and landed the runner up spot. Steve Smith ran afoul of bad wedding cake the night before and had to retire from the event early due too an ailment. The Amatuer class was jamb packed with rising satrs and those stubborn veterans who try to be a road block. Well, the Big Show, Nathan Dennis showed that it is easier to ride with your feet on the pegs by taking the win. Bob Dennis had a strong performance to finish second. Third and forth place went down to the wire between a couple of ghosts. Larry Bast made a rare appearance to nab third place with just one more clean over George Kirby. Paul Turnbull showed some new moves on his way to a fine Intermediate win. Carl Hopkins was seen dusting off his bike with a feather duster before the event. Well, it must have paid off, as he took runner up honors. The bronxe went to the hard charging Randy Dennis. Honorable mention goes out to land owner Mike Carpenter. Ken Brown Jr. lost out on their wager by just one clean. Better luck next year Kenny. The Expert class became a nail biter. The top two riders flip flopped into and out of the lead all day. It seemed as if no one wanted to grab the reigns. Well, trials is known as a gentleman's sport and these two could be heard in the woods saying to each other "No, you go first" "No, you go first" "No, you go first" Did I mention they were the last group to come in? Needless to say, they tied with Kelly Echterling getting the nod over Dale Malasek. Dave Walkinshaw glided his way into third. The Master class saw the battle of the brothers for the top rung. Jason Carpenter built an early lead and was able to hold off a very on form Scott Carpenter. Both riders had 1-point last loops taken in the exact same spot. Jake Weiland held off gravity long enough to take third. This last bit will come off as sounding corny, but, at the end of the day, regardless of score, I think everyone was a winner. Because how can you lose when you get a chance to ride your bike in the woods over the biggest rock you can find on a picture perfect day. See you at the May two-day.

1. K Woolston Gas 19
2. B. Boss Gas 86
3. S. Smith Gas DNF
1. N. Dennis Gas 13
2. B. Dennis Gas 19
3. L. Bast Bet 22/14-0's
4. G. Kirby ??? 22/13-0's
5. B. Sanderson Gas 32
6. D. Dennis Gas 33
DNF J. Crabtree Gas DNF
DNF B. Wachendorfer Gas DNF
1. P. Turnbull Gas 22
2. C. Hopkins Gas 35
3. R. Dennis Gas 39
4. M. Carpenter Gas 45/12-0's
5. K. Brown Jr. Gas 45-11-0's
6. J. Jeter Gas 68
1. K. Echeterling Gas 34
2. D. Malasek Gas 34
3. D. Walkinshaw Gas 66
1. J. Carpenter Gas 10
2. S. Carpenter Gas 13
3. J. Weiland Gas 19
4. B. Carver Gas 28
5. B. Sanderson Gas 31
6. . Morgan Gas 49
7. M. Carpenter Gas 52
8. A. Hopkins Gas 60