Sanderson Mops Up

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it!

March 19th, 2006

The clouds may have been a dark gray but the faces on the riders told the true story of the day. Although the possibility of a downpour loomed overhead at any moment, the ground at Brown's Trials Fun Land near Easton, KS was mostly dry with great traction. Only 12 riders braved the elements, but were rewarded with great sections and only a couple times of falling ice pellets. Bob Sanderson must be a very imposing figure as he scared off all the competition and was the lone entrant in the Amateur class. Needless to say, Bob took last. Hang in there Bob, we're still pulling for you. I was curious about how many mulligans you are allowed to take during an event. Paul Turnbull broke away from the pack and away for the win. The dueling brother in-laws of Mike Carpenter and Kenny Brown Jr saw the local favorite (Brown) lock in second place. Rumor had it that Kenny had ridden the sections before hand a time or two or three or four. Must be something about living on the property. Craig Lisher took Kelly Echterling to the cleaners with a ten-point drubbing in the Expert class. The Carpenter boys had a rare sweep in the Master class. Jason was just able to hold off a very consistent Scott. Marc also had some great rides to nail down third. It was interesting to note how Bill Sanderson works on his concentration. His car alarm stared going off while he was riding the last section. Not fazed for a second while the crooks rummaged through his stuff, he went on to finish the section and save valuable points. Many thanks to all who braved the elements and look forward to seeing everyone in Excelsior Springs, MO on April 23.

1. B. Sanderson Gas 59
1. P. Turnbull Gas 48
2. K. Brown Jr Gas 52
3. M. Carpenter Gas 69
1. C. Lisher Gas 63
2. K. Echterling Gas 73
1. J. Carpenter Gas 28
2. S. Carpenter Gas 34
3. M. Carpenter Gas 52
4. B. Sanderson Gas 61
5. S. Morgan Gas 63
6. B. Carver Gas 71