Winter Trials?

Jan. 15th, 2006

After a balmy 60+ degrees at the New Year's day trials, one would assume the weather would break and chilly winter would finally rear its ugly head prior to the January trials. Such was not the case however, great weather held for the event in our first ever set up and go. Because the weather is very unpredictable in the Midwest (even the weather people get it wrong from time to time), the club decided that for the months of January and February, we would set up the event with the people who showed up to ride. Each person needed to set up just one section. Thanks to a great turnout, we had to put a stop to section building at 12 sections. A makeshift loop was set up and voila, a trials event with about an hour baking time. Sadly, there were no Novice riders. However, a slew of Amateurs came out of the woodwork to test their skill and might. None were mightier than the anchor, Jim Bridges. Jim, wearing his Greek god helmet Thor, used sure grit and determination to secure the top spot. Swooping in at second was up and comer Derrick Dennis who had a long walk home as he bested his dad, Bob Dennis, by two points. The Intermediate class seemed to be a private affair as only two riders were entered. Some say it was the strict rules they had to get into the class, such as having a bike and a helmet. Mike Carpenter slipped ahead of Randy Dennis by just one point for the win. The Master class was almost an all Carpenter gathering. Steve Morgan rejoined the ranks of the Master class after it was discovered he would have been the lone Expert entrant. Unfortunately, Steve was just off the pace of the regulars, and so the battle of the brothers would take place. Jason Carpenter was fortunate to take victory this day as his bike had, shall we say, a mishap. So with borrowed machinery (from his competitors no less), he was able to strike gold. Following up with the silver ore and square rims was Scott Carpenter. Marc Carpenter turned in some great rides, but it wasn't quite enough as he rounded out the top three. Thanks to all who attended and put in that little extra effort for everyone's enjoyment. We'll do it all over again in February if the weather cooperates. See you then.

1. Jim Bridges Gas 20
2. Derick Dennis Gas 26
3. Bob Dennis Gas 28
4. Bob Sanderson Gas 31
5. Nathan Dennis Gas 32
6. Russ Amos Gas 33
7. Carl Fulkerson Gas 58
8. Kyle Fulkerson Gas 81
DNF Jim Thornton Gas DNF
1. Mike Carpenter Gas 48
2. Randy Dennis Gas 49
1. Jason Carpenter Gas 42
2. Scott Carpenter Gas 52
3. Marc Carpenter Gas 57
4. Steve Morgan Gas 76