Gobbling up the Sections

Eat me!

Nov. 20th 2005

It's hard to beat a great fall day when you can jump on your bike, head out into the woods and ride over nature's obstacles while somebody keeps score. Such was the case in Trenton, MO as the Mid America Trials Team hosted its November event. Bill Wachendorfer, Jim Jeter, and Kelly Echterling did a fine job setting up a challenging coarse in the bowls of the rock quarry. They even found a new wall by the score shed for the Master class which has now been mutilated thanks to the plow blade on the bottom of Marc Carpenter's bike. Unfortunately, there weren't any Novices that were competing, so we'll jump in with the Amateurs. A new machine didn't stop Nathan Dennis from his winning ways. He piloted his new Gas Gas through every nook and cranny they threw at him with ease. Uncle Bob Dennis kept up with his nephew for the second place spot. Derrick Dennis, also aboard his new scooter, rode to a solid third place. I imagine the staples in the class will be glad when these young whippersnappers move up and prey on the Intermediates. Speaking of which. Smooth movin' Randy Dennis took a convincing win in Intermediate. Paul Turnball still has the right stuff as he beat out a hard charging Steve Eichelberger for second. The Master class was the only other class of the day. I want to extend thanks to Bill Sanderson for being the guinea pig for the wall in section one. I will say that he got some turkey stuffing early, and then followed it up with helpings of fender, rock, rock, bike frame, rock, tire, and then more rock for desert. In Bill's defense, every Master had some sort of crash today throughout the event. For the results, I was handed a piece of paper saying that Jason and Marc Carpenter were no shows and that Bill got honorable mention. Perhaps, no scratch that, definitely the best part of the event was the goodies Marilyn Critton brought up for all to enjoy. Thanks Marilyn!!! Well, that about wraps it up. Until next time, I'm Bob Allot wishing you a Merry Christmas.

1. Nathan Dennis Gas 21
2. Bob Dennis Gas 27
3. Derrick Dennis Gas 34
4. Harley Griffeon Gas 44
5. Bob Sanderson Gas 52
6. Jim Bridges Gas 52
7. Carl Fulkerson Gas 64
8. Kyle Fulkerson Gas 86
1. Randy Dennis Gas 14
2. Paul Turnbull Gas 24
3. Steve Eichelberger Gas 26
4. Carl Hopkins Gas 30
5. Chris Williams Gas 36
6. Ken Brown Jr. Gas 64
1. Bill Sanderson Gas Honorable Mention
2. Marc Carpenter Gas No Show
3. Jason Carpenter Gas No Show