32nd Annual Quarry Cup


President Ken Brown ordered a dry Quarry Cup and he delivered. For the first time in a long time, there was no rain during the 32nd Annual Quarry Cup held in Trenton, MO. Seventy-six riders in all showed up to compete in the historic event. There were 9 classes in all; with Beginner being for the least experienced rider while Master class has the most daring/crazy and skillful riders. In the Beginner class, Dynamite Dylan Dennis stood alone. Not only did his superb riding put him in first, he was also happened to be the only one in the class. I'm guessing that would-be competitors saw his name on the board and got scared. In the Rookie class, Awesome Dawson Dennis went for a 1-point weekend and the win, while Jammin Josh Mesecher kept things very close and finished in 2nd with a 4-point weekend. In the Novice class, the youth movement is still upon us. Double D "Derek Dennis" placed first on Sat and third on Sun and was able to muster out the 1st place overall. Big Nate Dennis was very close and finished second on Sat, first on Sun, but his combined score landed him in 2nd overall for the weekend. Cool Drew Smith went 3-4 over the weekend and took the 3rd overall by edging out Jeff "Name Plate" Luchene by the tiebreaker of cleans. Also in the Novice class, Mr. Steve Porter received the top award of the QC, crash award. There were some pretty good nominees but only one really spectacular crash. From an eye witness, Steve was reported making a left turn going up a slight incline and when he hit the log going across the path, his bike went airborne and ended up flipping off a 6 ft high ledge located down the hill. Steve was reported to be ok but his bike had a few new scratches. During his crash also, somehow the choke seemed to come on so, not only did this crash get him a 5 in this section, his bike died in the following section. He did locate the problem down the road and was back to normal riding. Congratulations Steve, many of us were going for the award (not on purpose) but none were as gnarly as yours. In the Amateur class Bruce Cratty took first on Sat and a third on Sun. His overall score put him in a tie with Tyler Curnes who went 2-1 over the two days. Bruce had four more cleans than Tyler so he was declared the winner. Wichita youngster Josh Nutsch had a great Sunday ride and finished in 2nd and his score was so good that he moved up to 3rd overall for the weekend. The Senior Amateurs were a lively bunch. Jim Thorton was the liveliest as he was able to go 1-2 over the weekend and get the overall win. Mr. Gary Wing went 3-1 and nailed down the 2nd spot while "Mr. Smooth" Dean Metsker went 4-2 and finished 3rd overall. The Intermediate class had the return of the Showstopper! That's right, Steve Eichelberger is back! (I know he really didn't go anywhere but he hasn't been on the top of the podium for a little while.) Steve dominated so much on Sat that his fourth place finish on Sun didn't matter. He was crowned the overall winner. Going 2-1 over the weekend was Mr. Mitch Wing. He lost the overall by a couple points but did get 2nd for the two days. Aaron Cox didn't want to be left off the podium for two days in a row so he improved his 4th on Sat to a 2nd on Sun and that gave him the 3rd overall spot. The Senior Experts had Ron Lee go 1-1 and take the overall. Scott Williams and Steve Nutsch traded the two and three spots both days with Scott beating Steve by 3 points for the 2nd overall position. Steve Morgan decided to ride the QC this year instead of running around doing all the dirty work and his decision paid off. Steve rode to victory in the Expert class with Dale Malasek and Grieg Engel tying for 2nd overall. Dale just happened to have 4 more cleans than Grieg over the weekend so Mr. Gas Gas was able to nab the 2nd overall spot. Jason Carpenter finally won the Quarry Cup again. He had been on a five-year drought of the prestigious award. Jason went 1-1 over the weekend while "Superstar" Jake Wieland was 2-2 and Dustin "Lambda Lambda Lambda" Land went the 3-3. On a special note, Bill Sanderson gets many props as he tried numerous times for that wonderful crash award. If there were a trophy for the most crashes, Bill would have won hands down-feet down-everything down. Thanks to all who set-up, coordinated, helped, and participated in the Quarry Cup. This event would not be in its 32nd consecutive year without all your time, effort, and love for the sport. Thank You!