The Mini-Ute

That's A Mini Ute?


This may not have been Colorado but it had a little flavor like the Rockies. Ok, maybe it was more like the great bogs of old. Mother nature decided to let loose a couple days before the event making the first ever mini-Ute a fun, slippery, and muddy mess. About 10 Volunteers showed up on the Friday and Saturday before the event to help set up the 20 sections to be ridden around Ken Browns place. This was a nice act of kindness due to the fact that this was August in Kansas City and the humidity was just plain crazy. Somehow, and someway the sections and loop were cleaned out and all marked moments before the event started. A surprisingly low turnout of only 17 riders rode the event. We had 3 lower class riders and the rest all rode upper class. We set up the lower class lines with the Novice rider in mind, only problem is, all 3 riders were in the Amateur class. Russ Amos took full advantage of this and went for the big goose egg on his final loop. Pretty darn impressive considering the event day conditions. Bob Sanderson and George Currier also rode very well keeping their points to a minimum. In the upper class division, Jason Carpenter narrowly edged out the Ute Cup god Bruce Carver for the win. Bruce had a stupendous 2nd loop only dropping two marks on his 2nd loop. Jake Wieland finished right behind Bruce to take 3rd. Another Ute Cup specialists, Dale Malasek finished in 4th beating out Dustin Land by the more cleans tiebreaker. The ride of the day went to Mr. Jim Jeter. Jim was the only person on the first loop to make it clean, up out of a creek, up an off-camber muddy hill, and around a tree. The only problem was, the section didn't end there. The rider had to drop back down in the creek, through a foot-deep mud hole and out. Well, Jim was so excited about his accomplishment of getting around the tree clean, he decided to go over the bars while going down the hill and cover him and his bike with mud. He then decided to move to a cleaner part of the creek and finish his bath. Everyone seemed to have a good time, even Jim. Hopefully we won't have to do this next year because it's sure hard to beat that Colorado weather in August.

Lower Class
1. Russ Amos 6
2. Bob Sanderson 17
3. George Currier 42
Upper Class
1. Jason Carpenter 13
2. Bruce Carver 14
3. Jake Wieland 15
4. Dale Malasek 22
5. Dustin Land 22
6. Bill Sanderson 35
7. Rick Land 38
8. Kelly Echterling 38
9. Marc Carpenter 44
10. Mike Peterson 65
11. Paul Turnbull 65
12. Ken Brown 86
13. Jim Jeter 102
14. Gary Wing 103