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So Fresh & So Clean


Cleans were in the air this weekend as scores were low. Jake Wieland a.k.a. Poison Ivy and company set up a nice easy trials just south of Topeka, KS. A good showing of our neighbor club A.V.T.A. added some spice to the event. The event was held on a local motorcycle riding ground and so we had a Trail Riders Class with 5 fellows entering the class. Shawn Gowing navigated his machine to a 1st place finish. Adrian Bryant finished 8 points back for 2nd while Paul DiPasquale nailed down 3rd. In the Novice class, National 8 & Under Champ Nathan Dennis only made one little mistake and finished with 1 point for the day to take the win. Keri Dennis swallowed her pride again and took 2nd behind son Nathan. Marvin Light from Arkansas finished a point behind Keri for 3rd. Worth noting was the National 6 & under Runner-up Dawson Dennis who took 4th in the Novice class. The Amateur class had Mr. Dean Metsker go for the Big Goose Egg. Dean cleaned everything. That's hard to compete against but David Nuessen came close with only 8 points for the day. George Currier turned in some great rides to finish in 3rd. The Intermediates were all really close. Steven Messenger made the fewest mistakes as he finished with 6 points for the win. 2 points behind was Paul Turnbull who took 2nd and Gary Wing grabbed 3rd just ahead of everybody else in the class. There were only 2 Experts for the day but they kept it close. Mike Peterson edged out Craig Lisher for the win. In the Master class, Jason Carpenter almost had a clean day but took a point in the 2nd to last section. Boy, what lack of concentration. Mr. Dustin Land rode to a 2nd place finish while Scott Carpenter rounded out the top 3.

1. Shawn Gowing 16
2. Adrian Bryant 24
3. Paul DiPasquale 26
4. Stu Woodriff 27
5. Dennis Gowing DNF
1. Nathan Dennis 1
2. Keri Dennis 9
3. Marvin Light 10
4. Dawson Dennis 36
1. Dean Metsker 0
2. David Nuessen 8
3. George Currier 12
4. Bob Sanderson 16
5. Josh Nutsch 19
6. Robin Clements 25
N/C Steve Nutsch 2
1. Steve Messenger 6
2. Paul Turnbull 8
3. Gary Wing 10
4. Jim Jeter 11
5. Randy Dennis 12
6. Dan Byl 14
7. Mike Carpenter 15
8. David Pettegrew 15
9. Brian Shulda 32
1. Mike Peterson 29
2. Craig Lisher 34
1. Jason Carpenter 1
2. Dustin Land 17
3. Scott Carpenter 26
4. Bill Sanderson 31
5. Marc Carpenter 40
6. Rick Land 55
N/C Jake Wieland 7