Breaking out


The June event turned out to be a pretty nice weekend. Sure, it was a little warm but what do you expect when you live in the mid-west. Surprisingly there were only 24 riders in attendance. The usual crowd was there on Sat night having a good time talking, playing horse shoes, and sitting on Bruce's new camp ground bench that has been sanded and now ready to be stained. While the night progressed, Mr. Morgan earned a new knick-name. He is now to be called Big Pimp. Steve was seen chilling on the bench swing with ladies all around. (Lucky guy). Maybe he sprayed on some of that new Axe body spray. Ha ha. Now, to the trials.

In the Novice class, Big 9 yr. old Nate continued his dominance as he took home another 1st place medal. Breaking out this trial was Scorpa Steve Porter. Steve rode so well that he landed in a solid second place. Right on his heals was the Brilliant Brian Dewey. Steve and Brian knocked the usual youngster podium hogs off the stand this time to receive their well earned medals. Breaking out of the wood works was Mr. Tom Crain. (Anybody remember this guy? J Tom said it was about that time again for his every 3rd year appearance. Tom must have been practicing because he won the Amateur class. Breaking out also was the 2nd place finisher Mr. Doug York. Tom and Doug both put the hurting on the regulars in this class. Russ Amos was able to keep just enough feet up to nail down 3rd.

In the Intermediate class, Mr. Flamingo Carl Hopkins flew to an easy first place finish. A surprise break out in this class was Club Pres. Ken Brown. He was able to keep his foot on the pegs a little better than Mike Carpenter (3rd) and Jim Jeter (4th).

The Expert class almost didn't happen as the Masters tried to lure Dale (with chocolates and flowers) into riding with them. He didn't fall for the cocco puffs and dandelions so he and Kelly Echterling went at it. At days end, Mr. Gas Gas finished one point better than the Red Ball of Fire.

The trials masters decided that the Masters were getting to soft so they made a pretty challenging event for them. The class started off with 4, then rear brake problems hit 2 of them so the class was down to two. Then, the two with brake problems got em' fixed and now the class was back up to four. This class needed all four riders as a few sections required spotters. Well, of course Jason Carpenter (who had a pretty funny crash while former World Champ Tomi Avila watched) won. A Natural Blonde Scott Carpenter took 2nd and Marc Carpenter (Vote 4 Pedro) crashed his way to 3rd. This event had a lot of riders Breaking out so after you read this, feel free to do some break dancing yourself. All you will need is a big cardboard box (flat on the ground) and old 80's rap music. Please be careful with the head spins. Results below.

1. Nathan Dennis 15
2. Steve Porter 24
3. Brian Dewey 26
4. Derick Dennis 29
5. Jeff Luchene 30
6. Keri Dennis 33
1. Tom Crain 31
2. Doug York 38
3. Russ Amos 44
4. Bob Sanderson 45
5. Harley Greffieon 64
ex Jim Thorton
ex Bill Wacky
1. Carl Hopkins 43
2. Ken Brown 54
3. Mike Carpenter 67
4. Jim Jeter 70
1. Dale Malasek 37
2. Kelly Echterling 38
ex Marc Carpenter 75
1. Jason Carpenter 34
2. Scott Carpenter 63
3. Marc Carpenter 75
4. Bill Sanderson 81