The May "Fun in the Sunny Mud 2-day"


I tell you what, two-days and rain go hand in hand when it comes to Trenton, MO. The weather was great for almost the entire month of May and then two days before the event, we get 176 inches of rain. The trials masters did a great job though of setting up the sections for this fun spring event. Saturdays event was kept short (7-8 sections, 3 loops) to leave the evening open for the Golf Cart Games and also the kids trials. The timing worked out great as everything was finished before dark. Sat sections were a lot of fun especially new "Log World" constructed by Bruce Carver and company. This area is really cool and is even able to be changed around to make different obstacles. Bruce is a freak with his chain saw!

The Golf Cart Games were very entertaining again as 12 teams went for the trophy. Those competing were The Hopkins, The Morgans, Scott Carpenter and Laura, The Bob Dennis family, Eva and Bruce Carver, Mike and Cheryl Carpenter, The Randy Dennis family, The Drake mobile, The Ectherlings, Bill Sanderson and Chris, Marc and Jen Carpenter, and finally Adam Hopkins and Ken Brown. The first event was an obstacle course where teams had to grab items while going around cones. The last stop in the course was the fishing bucket. Teams had to get 3 fish out of the bucket before crossing the finish line. This is where races were won, lost, and some had no chance of winning (the magnet came off the fishing pole so there was no way a fish would bite). 3 carts went at a time and the winner advanced to the next round. Newly weds Marc and Jen Carpenter were the most skillful/luckiest in this event and won with their stealth cart (the only electric powered one in the field). They were able to beat out rivals Bill Sanderson and his lady Chris in the finals.

The next event was the always hilarious Blind drive. In this event, the driver is blind-folded and the passenger is the navigator. This event had some pretty fun navigating as some ended up in the bonfire (unlit) and others just way out of wack. Scott Carpenter and his last second find co-pilot Laura blazed through the course and set a new record.

The last event and also the scariest event was the Free for All. Carts had to pick up a plate at 4 different locations around the quarry. After a team picked up a plate they had to turn it in before they could go get the next one. The first heat had 7 carts at the starting line. Once the start gate dropped, this is where rubbin turned into racin'. I didn't see this first hand since I was racing, but I heard some paint was traded, another cart got up on 2 wheels, and even a cart went airborne and landed in a huge puddle. Well the Drake mobile won this one with Scotty right behind. In the 2nd heat, Bill Sanderson & Chris went to a photo finish with Mike and Cheryl Carpenter with Bill the winner. After all the results were tallied and double checked with NASA, The winner of Golf Cart Games II was Bill Sanderson and Chris.

After all this craziness settled, the kids were all riled up and ready to go. There were 3 youngsters in the Cadet class. "Lovely" Lauren York and "Daring" Dylan Dennis tied with 4 points for the day. Lauren had one more clean for the win. Finishing in 3rd was the "Snowman" Joey Drake. In the Rookie class, "Awesome" Dawson went for the big goose egg while the one and only Ms. Allison York finished close behind with 9. (The rest of the classes will be the overalls from the two days) Novice had Gnarly Nate Dennis take the win with a remarkable 23 points for the weekend. "Break Dancing" Brian Dewey finished with 42 for 2nd overall while " Double D" Derick Dennis finished in 3rd with 44. The Amateur class had Mr. Brandon Abbot get the overall win for the weekend one point ahead of Wrestlemania's Russ Amos who ended up with 66. They still call me Bruce Cratty nailed down 3rd with 69 points for the weekend. The Intermediate class had some tuff dudes in there. The tuffest of them all was Wild Wild West, Jim Westcott who finished with 41. The Commissioner Carl Hopkins finished on Jim's heels with 44 while Christmas Cornrow Kelly Echterling ended up with 54 for third. The masters had Mr. Smoothie, Jason Carpenter take the win. Mr. Showboat, Scott Carpenter take 2nd and The Chainsaw Superstar Bruce Carver finish 3rd. Thanks to all those who showed up and thanks to all those who helped make this a fun weekend.

1. Lauren York 4/10-0's
2. Derick Dennis 4/9-0's
3. Keri Dennis 39
1. Nathan Dennis Sat: 3 Sun: 20
2. Brian Dewey Sat: 9 Sun: 33
3. Derick Dennis Sat: 23 Sun: 21
4. Keri Dennis Sat: 29 Sun: 30
5. Steve Porter Sat: 50 Sun: 73
6. Bryan Drake Sat: 75 Sun: 67
7. William Dewey Sat: DNF Sun: 45
1. Brandon Abbott Sat: 28 Sun: 37
2. Russ Amos Sat: 35 Sun: 31
3. Bruce Cratty Sat: 39 Sun: 30
4. Doug York Sat: 33 Sun: 59
5. Bob Sanderson Sat: 42 Sun: 76
6. Lonnie Hensley Sat: 20 Sun: --
7. John Hensley Sat: 34 Sun: --
8 Homer Hensley Sat: 38 Sun: --
exh. Bill Wachendorfer
1. Jim Westcott Sat: 23 Sun: 18
2. Carl Hopkins Sat: 26 Sun: 18
3. Kelly Echterling Sat: 31 Sun: 23
4. Mike Carpenter Sat: 32 Sun: 39
5. Steve Eichelberger Sat: 33 Sun: 39
6. Randy Dennis Sat: 37 Sun: 36
7. Bill Drake Sat: 39 Sun: 34
8. Ken Brown Sat: 53 Sun: 53
9. Mike Chebul Sat: 72 Sun: 91
10. Paul Turnbull Sat: -- Sun: 36
11. Larry Findley Sat: -- Sun: 67
12. Matt Hopkins Sat: -- Sun: Tulsa 18
1. Jason Carpenter Sat: 18 Sun: 20
2. Scott Carpenter Sat: 31 Sun: 40
3. Bruce Carver Sat: 36 Sun: 56
4. Marc Carpenter Sat: 44 Sun: 53
5. Bill Sanderson Sat: 40 Sun: 60