Logs of Fun

Everyone wants a log! You're gonna love it, Log! 
Come on and get your log! Everyone needs a Log!


Welcome to Logs of Fun. We have dry logs, wet logs, little logs, medium logs, big logs, huge logs, enormous logs, and did I mention 6 ft high off the ground logs. The winter blessed the Brown farm with some great tree fallings. And wow, did trials riders benefit. If you have a thing for wood, then you wouldn't have wanted to miss this event. This also turned out to be a good warm up event for upcoming season with all the different style of sections. There were some creek sections, off cambers, hill climbs, of course logs, and even a couple sections that you had to stop in the middle and ask for directions. The turn out was great with 38 riders coming from all over. Ten of those 38 were in the Dennis or uh I mean Novice class. Naughty Nathan continues to show Mom and Dad that he is ready to move up to the Amateur class as he whipped his cousin Derick (2nd), his mommy Keri (3rd) and the rest of the field. Amateur class, you have been warned. Now I know the Amateurs aren't shaking in their boots just yet, especially Gary Wing who rode brilliantly for the win. Props also go to Jim Bridges who finished 2nd and new member Tim Kristl taking 3rd. Carl Hopkins is the man. He was so manly, that at the trials, he took first in the Intermediate class, by a lot. Now I am not saying that Tim Turnbull (2nd place) is half the man Carl is, but Tim did have almost double Carl's score. Ken Brown (3rd) though, is exactly half the man Carl is because he did have double the score. In the small Expert class, only 3 started and all 3 finished. Steve Morgan placed 1st with a nice cushion while Kelly Echterling finished in a solid 2nd. Craig Lisher was back in action and finished in a nice 3rd. The Master class had a couple surprises. The biggest of them all was watching my favorite Master rider, "They still call me Bruce" Carver, sort of go over the bars and almost land in a cow pattie (only a couple inches to the left and bingo, pay-dirt or poo). The other surprise was Dustin Land coming up and getting into the mix. There was no surprise that Jason Carpenter took 1st, Jake Wieland 2nd, and New Kid on the Block Dustin Land 3rd. Results below.

1. Nathan Dennis 10
2. Derick Dennis 21/9
3. Keri Dennis 21/8
4. Josh Mesecher 48/6
5. Eric Wilburn 48/5
6. Clint Stith DNF
6. Dawson Dennis DNF
6. Gary Barton DNF
n/c Fred Reynolds
n/c Joe Logsdon
1. Gary Wing 14
2. Jim Bridges 25
3. Tim Kristl 36/9
4. Jerry Norby 36/8
5. Jeff Dickau 43
6. Russ Amos 53
7. Bob Dennis DNF
n/c Jim Thorton
1. Carl Hopkins 18
2. Tim Turnbull 34
3. Ken Brown Jr. 36
4. Randy Dennis 42
5. Mitch Wing 44
6. Aaron Cox 45
7. Mike Carpenter 47
8. Hollywood 56
9. Jim Jeter 70
10. Brian Shrour 88
1. Steve Morgan 19
2. Kelly Echterling 39
3. Craig Lisher 52
1. Jason Carpenter 11
2. Jake Wieland 26
3. Dustin Land 48
4. Scott Carpenter 54/4
5. Bill Sanderson 54/1
6. Bruce Carver 57
7. Marc Carpenter 60