"A Big 5"


January Trials report - I headed up to Trenton the Saturday before the Sunday trials to finish laying out the event. I arrived at the gate at 9 am and finally got the frozen lock undone and into the Quarry about 9:30 am. I notice that the road going down to the pavilion is nice and shiny (ice covered) so I stopped up by the Dennis trailer. I got out and surveyed the grounds and decided that it would not be a good idea to go any farther since 1- I was the only one there and 2 - my van doesn't have 4-wheel drive. I did still want to ride and have the event so I thought that if I go buy a bunch of ice melt, that would clear the way. Well, I put the van in reverse and all the sudden I started sliding forward. I couldn't stop so I preceded to slide down the road and was able to get to the left where Dale sometimes parks the RV. I was able to turn the van around and decided I would try to get some speed to get up the hill. After literally 25 tries and breaking off some tree limbs, I finally made it. One would think that that would have been enough. Nope, I proceed into town, grab all the ice melt I could find (went to 3 different stores) and head back to the Quarry. While at the gate, I had left the van running while I went to close and lock it back up. On my way of getting out the van, I must have hit the automatic lock button with my knee because when the wind blew my door shut, all the doors were locked. Now I am stuck at the gate in a freezing 30mph wind with my keys in the ignition, my phone on the console, and my coat in the passenger seat. After checking every window and door, I had pretty much decided on the window I was going to have to break out. I decided to try the driver door one more time since it wasn't all the way completely shut. Since I was a little unhappy at how my day was going, I started to yank at the door with a little force. Finally the door came flying open and knocked me to the ground. After the birdies quit flying around my head and saying a few choice words, I got in the van and headed back to the iced over road. I parked the van safely this time, put the keys in my pocket and started to throw down some ice melt. It wasn't quiet working on the inch thick ice so I decided to get a hammer out and start chipping away at the ice. After about 5 minutes of chipping, I realized that the January trials was not going to happen. I took the ice melt back and hit the drive-thru at McDonalds and the darn wind blew away my change. For those of you who were disappointed about the event being canceled, please know that it was not for lack of effort. The morale of the story, make sure to grab your money tight when there is a strong wind while going through the drive-thru.