The Shocker

No way, Marc.


Trials morning and the temperature outside is 5 degrees (-10 with wind-chill). I chose to ride because I love riding and I didn't want all the hard work the trials masters put in to go to waste. I arrive to find some fellow MATT members have already started a fire down by the B. C. Pavilion. As I get out of the nice warm van and head directly to the fire, I notice a couple bikes are pretty close to the fire. I was a little concerned about how close Dale Malasek got his bike and then when Jim Bridges took a log out of the fire and put in on the carburetor, I took a few steps back. I've seen a trials bike ride through a fire before but never have I seen a fire put directly on a bike. I guess the Gas Gas Raga replica is water and fire proof. Well Dale had washed his bike the day earlier (it was 45 degrees then) and some water must have gotten somewhere around the carb and had frozen. After a bit of warming up around the fire, the bikes were ready to go. The riders on the other hand, well let's just say the fire was the hot spot of the day. At the riders meeting, 14 brave souls stood (or were frozen in place), ready for the challenge, while there were 3 crazy spectators. The Novice class had a Barton and a couple Dennis's and it's not the ones you're used too. This was Brother Bob Dennis and his son Derick. Oh boy, just wait till they all show up! This was an extremely tough test for the Novice class due to the ground being frozen. A normal little hill climb turned into an uphill slip-n-slide. I did see Gary riding a section and he gave the bike some gas to go up a hill only for the bike to spin at the bottom and then all the sudden his bike found traction and wow, did it find traction. His bike immediately popped a wheelie and decided to do a back flip. Skillfully Gary dismounted once the bike was vertical and nothing ended up broken, Gary or the bike. As far as placing goes, everyone was close after the first loop and then Bob turned on the heat the 2nd and 3rd loop and won convincingly. Gary just edged out Derick for the 2nd spot. In the Amateur class, Ralph "put the Hert on" the seasoned veterans. Bob "I stayed the night" Sanderson thawed out enough to take 2nd over the Postage Stamp Trials host Russ Amos. The Intermediate class had Paul win. Not Paul Bunyan. Not Paul of Peter, Paul, & Mary. But Paul Turnbull of the Turnbull's. Second place went to Randy Dennis who left the wife and kids at home. Steve "my ears are cold" Eichelberger finished 3rd. The Expert class only had Kelly Echterling so he decided to ride exhibition with the Intermediates and practice on his techniques. Pigs have flown, heck has frozen over, and the cow has jumped over the moon! The Shocker of the day! Marc Carpenter won the Master class. No, this is not a misprint. No he wasn't the only one in the class. And no, the other 2 riders didn't DNF. Marc not only beat newly crowned Zebra helmet winner Bill Sanderson but he also whipped his little brother Scott. Even more shocking was Marc didn't even crash. Marc's crash and burn fan club (which is becoming nationally known) won't have anything to talk about this month for the first time ever. Marc does recommend talking about the legendary '97 bog section though. Results below.

1. Bob Dennis 25
2. Gary Barton 62
3. Derick Dennis 63
1. Ralph Hert 23
2. Bob Sanderson 45
3. Russ Amos 31
1. Paul Turnbull 56
2. Randy Dennis 70
3. Steve Eichelberger 79
Exb. Kelly Echterling 45
1. Marc Carpenter 54
2. Scott Carpenter 68
3. Bill Sanderson 73

11th Annual Postage Stamp Trials "Young Guns Thrive in '05"

The Young Guns


The 11th annual Postage Stamp Trials on New Years Day turned out to be great. Thirty-two riders were able to drag, roll, or fall out of bed for the 1 p.m. start time. The temperature was in the 60's and the rain held off for the entire event. On the way to the event though, the rain did let loose just enough to get the rocks and railroad ties wet for the first loop but everything was dry for the 2nd and 3rd loops. The Junior class turned out to be a pretty good match-up, Awesome Dawson vs. Terrific Tyler. Awesome edged Terrific by just a point for the win. When asked how the ride went, Awesome stated, "Well tings were good till duh last section when my frottle stuck and went EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Our Young Guns continue to dominate the Novice class as the three top finishers all don't even have a license to drive a car yet. Heck, I think only one out of the 6 riders had one. This is a good sign though, even for the old guy of the group Gary Barton who was caught thinking "At least these future world riders won't stick around long in the Novice class". Gary was talking about Eric "Eats at Waffle House" Wilburn, "Jack in the Box" Jamie Reynolds, and our top three of the day Nathan "Denny's" Dennis 1st , "Captain D's" Derrick Dennis 2nd , and Jeff "Long John Silvers" Lucheen 3rd. The Amateur class was insanely huge with 14 riders coming from all over the world to compete. One of those riders, from the Bermuda Triangle, was the 3rd place finisher Mr. "Blast from the Past" Larry Bast. Larry decided that after 7 years hiatus, he should make an appearance. The #2 spot went to none other than Big John Hensley. John was asked why he made the long trip from Bolivar, MO to the trials and he stated, "Well, I really didn't have anything else to do today". Just one more excuse to use to ride trials. Our big show boat of the day was "Move it or Lose it" Bob Sanderson. Bob earned this name by ramming into a rail road tie built wall and knocking out 2-3 ties completely out. Bob was gracious enough to help put the wall back together. In the Intermediate class lunch was being served. Paul Turnbull was the bottom bun (3rd), Randy was the turkey, cheese, lettuce, onion, pickles, tomato, and vinegar & oil (or you can pick your favorite kind), while Tim Turnbull was the top bun (1st). Mike Carpenter was the chocolate chip cookie (4th). Sticking with lunch, the Experts completed the meal with Kelly Echterling being the Killians Irish Red Lager (2nd) and Dale Malasek being the napkin because he wiped away everything for the win. Dale was seen, all in the same motion, riding up a splatter and then pulling a 95.2 degree wheelie turn off a rail road tie and sticking the landing. I had to take a double take to make sure he wasn't a Master rider. Speaking of Masters, six showed up, only 5 rode. (One rider had a sore back from power lifting 912lbs while he was training for the world indoor figure skating championships.) The third place finisher is the Crash Master himself, Marc Carpenter. (He didn't disappoint this trials by the way.) The battle for 1st was on with Jakey "Poo" Wieland and "Milkshake J" Jason Carpenter going at it. Jake was tied for lead after loop one with 11 and Jason was in 3rd with 13. After loop two, Jake was in 1st with 12 points and Jason 3 points behind. Then, 3rd loop Jake took 3 points to finish with 15 and Jason went for the clean loop and the two riders tied. Jason was victorious by virtue of two more cleans. Bummer Jake. Section #4 was the difference maker. The section started as the rider dropped down into a creek, turned left, lined up for a 5-6ft vertical/undercut embankment. Jake decided to ride up the bank. This proved to be costly as Jake was unable to clean this section all three loops. Everyone else chose to splatter the bank with the kicker being about 8ft away. Jason was the only rider to clean this section as it helped him get the win. Thank you all who participated and to Russ, Larry and families.

1. Dawson Dennis 11
2. Tyler Logsdon 12
1. Nathan Dennis 14
2. Derick Dennis 15
3. Jeff Lucheen 17
4. Gary Barton 36
5. Jamie Reynolds 40
6. Eric Wilburn 42
1. 1. Bob Sanderson 22
2. John Hensley 23
3. Larry Bast 31
4. Brian Shulda 36
5. Bob Dennis 41
6. Ralph Hert 41
7. Fred Reynolds 43
8. Jerry Norby 45
9. Joe Logsdon 48
10. Homer Hensley 52
11. Josh Nutsch 58
12. Keri Dennis 86
13. Steve Hill 107
exb. Steve Nutsch 8
1. Tim Turnbull 11
2. Randy Dennis 16
3. Paul Turnbull 19
4. Mike Carpenter 34
1. Dale Malasek 34
2. Kelly Echterling 52
1. Jason Carpenter 15/23 - 0's
2. Jake Wieland 15/21 - 0's
3. Marc Carpenter 35
4. Scott Carpenter 45/12 - 0's
5. Bill Sanderson 45/8 - 0's