Rudolph Rocks

Reindeer Games


Holy snykies Batman "POW", there was a reindeer riding a trials bike and "BAM" did he ride good. Rudolph the human nosed Reindeer made a special appearance at the November trials and showed he is in shape and ready to go for X-mas. There were 28 competitors at the trials and to my knowledge, no major injuries. Yahoo! Some new faces popped up and of course, the old ugly ones. In the Novice class, Jeff Lechene a.k.a. "Little Malasek" finished in a surprising 3rd. Only because former motor-X, new trials rider Brian Shulda displayed some stylish riding skills that put him in 2nd. Winning this class was a Dennis. No, not the young gun Nathan (who finished 4th), it was Uncle Bob Dennis edging out Brian for the win. The Amateur class had the "Sandbagger of the Day" Terry Townsend showing no signs of rust as he rode almost flawless in the semi-slick conditions. The "Sandman" Bob Sanderson got plenty of sleep and finished in a convincingly 2nd. "Sand Dune Dude" Doug York rode his paddle tired bike to an impressive 3rd. The Intermediate class only had 4 studs participating on this day. Randy "The Bull" Dennis used all his car jumping/bronco riding abilities and roped up 3rd place. Mike "Cool Hand" Carpenter shoot his way into a solid 2nd while "The Horse Shoe King" (with respect to Bruce) Carl Hopkins was dead on with ringer after ringer and clean ride after clean ride. One half of the Newlyweds edged out his best man in the Expert class for the win. I'm talking about the man, the legend, the ageless wonder, People magazines sexiest man of the year alternate, yada yada yada,… Dale Malasek. Dale who got hitched in Hawaii, edged out Kelly "I was the best man but didn't get invited to the wedding" Echterling by 2 points. With these two guys entered, nobody else signed up for the automatic third in this class. That's why the Master class had 8 riders. There was Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch, a Bird, Little Hoppy, The splatter man, Wild Bill and Jakey Poo. Talk about a mixed bowl of nuts. The best nut of the bowl was Rudolph (a.k.a. Milkshake J). Do you know how degrading it is to get slaughtered by a guy wearing a pretty Rudolph helmet (with a bow)? Well, ask Jakey Poo? He was closest in points to him but better than the rest. The Bird who finished 3rd, was caught flipping the Bird, to the winner when he was walking back to his herd….. of fellow reindeer. Results below.

1. Bob Dennis 17
2. Brian Shulda 18
3. Jeff Lechene 25
4. Nathan Dennis 26
5. Bryan Drake 35
6. Andrew Hartchette 41
7. Derrick D 48
1. Terry Townsend 18
2. Bob Sanderson 27
3. Doug York 45
4. Jim Bridges 49
5. Ralph Hert 55
6. Russ Amos 72
1. Carl Hopkins 28
2. Mike Carpenter 34
3. Randy Dennis 51
4. Ken Brown 53
5. Mike Carpenter 48
1. Dale Malasek 55
2. Kelly Echterling 57
1. Jason Carpenter 17
2. Jake Wieland 34
3. Bruce Carver 55
4. Scott Carpenter 60
5. Bill Sanderson 68
6. Adam Hopkins 72
7. Steve Clark DNF
8. Marc Carpenter 79
9. Steve Morgan 85