Wounded Wieners - Oct 04' Hot Dog Trials

Get you hot dogs.


The good - 29 riders, the food, the sections, and the weather. The Bad - 4 riders DNF, one broken leg, one separated shoulder, some bruised ribs, and broken bike parts. The ugly - pretty much all the riders except for Keri Dennis. The annual Hot Dog Trials had it all. The Novice class started off with 4 riders but only had 3 finish the day. Former Rookie riders Nathan Dennis and Bryan Drake moved up and gave Keri Dennis and Gary Barton a run for their money. Naughty Nathan edged out momma Dennis by 2 points for the win. Bryan Drake finished third as Gary Barton had to DNF. The Amateur class was sort of split with veterans vs. moved up riders. The veterans still have the upper hand while they took the top three spots. Fish Fryer Jim Bridges taking 1st, Billy Bob Sanderson 2nd, and The One Shoulder Bandit, Russ Amos finishing in 3rd. I don't see this trend continuing though with the up and coming talent in this class. Former Junior rider turned Cable Guy Jason Gerdman hasn't lost any steps and I think even gaining some, won the Intermediate class. Jason must be watching all those "How to Ride Like Bruce Carver" videos. "Superstar" Steve Eilchelberger edged out "Rapmaster D" Randy Dennis by a point for 2nd. The Expert class was "The Mick and Duck Show". The show started with the two legends (Mick in his usual sweat pants and T-shirt, and Dale is his usual Gas Gas outfits) going toe to toe and finishing almost dead even after 2 loops. The show ends with Dale winning by just a few points over Mick. Watch for the sequel on CBS later this month. The rather large Master class (thanks to Jeremy Cox and Steve Clark coming down from Omaha) started with 8 riders. Only 6 finished. "Milkshake J" a.k.a. Jason Carpenter won again but here is where things get very interesting. Steve Clark was on his last loop, 3rd to last section and riding very well. During section 6, (which he had cleaned both loops before) he rode up on one rock, over to another and then up a rock ledge. Something very freaky happened because he didn't make it and when he fell, he landed awkward and ended up breaking his leg. At first, many thought that he had just dislocated his knee, but after driving back to Omaha (Jeremy, Mick and wife Teri helped), fixing a flat on the RV (J, M, & T helped again), and going to a hospital that took x-rays and then sent him to a bigger and better hospital, found out that he had shattered both bones in the leg that connect to the knee. I have since herd that Steve has had surgery and is getting around. Everyone hopes he has a safe and speedy recovery. Since Steve decided to sit out the last couple sections, Marc Carpenter with half his bike and Scott Carpenter with his whole bike, both finished the day with 36 points. Even more interesting was that Marc was this close and he had 10 cleans compared to Scott's 6. A special thanks goes to Bruce, Carl, and company for all the work that was done around the Quarry. There is now a log area by the pavilion and the exhibition rock pile is now ride-able through the middle. Results bellow.

1. Nathan Dennis 20
2. Keri Dennis 22
3. Bryan Drake 69
4. Gary Barton DNF
1. Jim Bridges 28
2. Bob Sanderson 32
3. Russ Amos 41
4. Fred Reynolds 64
5. Tim Kristl 65
6. Joe Logsdon 75
exb. Bill Wachendorfer 11
1. Jason Gerdman 20
2. Steve Eichelberger 28
3. Randy Dennis 29
4. Dave Johnson 37
5. Mike Carpenter 48
6. Jim Jeter 54
7. Ken Brown 55
8. Jim Thorton DNF
1. Dale Malasek 13
2. Mick Hutchison 17
1. Jason Carpenter 11
2. Marc Carpenter 36/10
3. Scott Carpenter 36/6
4. Bill Sanderson 46
5. Jeremy Cox 70
6. Adam Hopkins 75
7. Steve Clark DNF
8. Steve Morgan DNF