31 st Annual Quarry Cup

Riders on the Storm


Its late Friday night and I am driving to the 31 st Annual Quarry Cup in Trenton, MO. I pass some fellow trials riders (from OK) while leaving Kansas City on I-35 N. Im cruising along making some decent time when off in the distance, I see some crazy lighting bolts going everywhere. Good part - coolest lightning storm I had ever seen. Bad part - rain. I was thinking to myself that there is no way it is raining at the club grounds. All the local weather persons and even the weather channel had no rain in the forecast for the entire weekend. Well, they were all wrong. As I was getting closer to the quarry the rain was coming down so hard that I had to slow down to a blistering pace of 30 mph. And that was pushing it. I did finally make it and to my surprise, the rain had not hit as hard at the M.A.T.T. club grounds as it did on the way up. There was rain throughout the night though and even some sprinkles in the morning. Now, the rain was done for weekend. It had done its part. Make about every section slick some way or another. It wouldnt be the Quarry Cup without the rain. The A.M. classes of Novice, Amateur, & Senior Amateur had their work cut out for them on the loop. As far as I know, everyone was able to make it up and down the muddy hills in the back. These hills can be very very slick once they are saturated. Things did start to dry out for the P.M. classes of Intermediate, Sr. Expert, Expert, and Master. The A.M. and P.M. classes were all warm-up for the Juniors. There was a Cadet (younger) and Rookie (older) class that were going to have a go before the diner bell sounded. 10 kids entered with one thing on their mind-I hope we finish fast because I cant wait to get to that desert table. In the Cadet class, we had Awesome Dawson Dennis take the over all after finishing 1st on Sat and 2nd on Sun. Placing 2nd overall was Honest William Haubrich.

William was such a good sport that if he dabbed and the checker didnt. see it, he would tell you when he was getting his card punched. Your 3rd place overall finisher was Tough Ty Abbott. The Rookie class had some serious competitors. Winning both days and the overall was "No Dabs" Nathan Dennis. Taking 2nd both days and overall was Big Joe Haubrich. Rounding out the top three for both days and overall was Flying Bryan Drake. Aerodynamic Austin Williams edged out his brother Lovable Levi by 2 cleans to take 4th over all and Tyler "The Tiger" Logsdon finished 6th over all.