Amos is Awesome
July 04 Trials



Hot and sticky. That was the weekend theme for the July trials. It all started Sat night as the "Bird" was passed around the campfire on the cell phone. One by one, each of the 13 people took their turn giving some great advice to Bird. The best was saved for last as the Fire God stated, he hated being last because Bird was all hot and sticky. Bird got so excited by this, that he drove up the next day to ride and probably to get some payback for the late night call.

It is now Sunday and the sun is beating down and the wonderful mid-west humidity is starting to kick in. This weather however did not stop 39 riders from entering the event. Seven Novice riders started and 6 were all pretty close. The lone exception was Tim Kristl. Tim seemed to forget to take any dabs as he finished with only 3 points. 2nd place was a battle between the Gary's. Gary Barton edged out Gary Reed as they finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. We also had a mother son battle going on in this class. Nathan Dennis barely edged out mom Keri for 4th. I can bet that Keri won't be giving Nathan any more tips from now on.

In the Amateur class, the title of this story emerges. Russ Amos finished first in the class that was thirteen riders deep. We all know Russ is a perfectionist from the Quarry Cup trophies he makes, but who would have thought that he would apply this to riding. Since Russ was on fire, Mike Chebul came riding with a fire-proof suit on so he wouldn't burst into flames as he finished 2nd. Jeff Dickau rode around with a water hose trying to catch Russ and put him out but was unsuccessful so he had to settle for 3rd. Jim "9 toes" Bridges would have been in the hunt but was still shaken up from a late night firecracker incident.

In the Intermediate class, Carl Hopkins was caught in a Turnbull sandwich. (Say it like South Park's Timmy), Timmy Turnbull tied Carl with 9 points and it had to go to 1's before (again) Timmy was declared the winner. On the other side of sandwich, besides a pickle and some cheese, was Paul Turnbull. Worth noting in the class was Jim Jeter. Jim wanted it to be known that he loves the infamous "Mid-night Run" and he plans on putting it in his everyday trials training regimen.

The Expert class had some pretty riders. The most beautiful and prettiest of them all, was the dashing Dale Malasek. He edged out the suave Steve Morgan for top honors. The battle for third place was won by the elegant Kelly Echterling. Enough with the pretty people. Now, onto the ugly boys. That's right, the Master class.

Butter Bean's sparring partner, Jason Carpenter, again came away victorious. Butter Bean's hair stylist, Jake Wieland, came in 2nd while Butter Bean's next opponent, Scott Carpenter, took third. Thanks to all. Results below.

1. Tim Kristl 3
2. Gary Barton 35
3. Gary Reed 41
4. Nathan Dennis 42
5. Keri Dennis 44
6. Steve Porter 53
7. Adam Turnbull 55
1. Russ Amos 30
2. Mike Chebul 36
3. Jeff Dickau 42
4. Bob Sanderson 43
5. Clay Wessels 44
6. Fred Reynolds 54
7. B.J. Dewey 55
8. Brian Mullins 61
9. Doug York 66
10. Joe Logsdon 71
11. Bob Kabouret DNF
11. George Kirby DNF
11. Jim Bridges DNF
1. 1. Tim Turnbull 9 (4-1's)
2. Carl Hopkins 9 (3-1's)
3. Paul Turnbull 15
4. Glenn Falter 29
5. Steve Eichelberger 30
6. Mike Carpenter 32
7. Ken Brown 39
8. Jim Jeter 62
1. Dale Malasek 19
2. Steve Morgan 22
3. Kelly Echterling 52
4. Jesse Wessels 54
5. Dave Johnson 55
1. Jason Carpenter 13
2. Jake Wieland 16
3. Scott Carpenter 35
4. Bruce Carver 51
5. Marc Carpenter 54
6. Bill Sanderson 60