Masters Multiplying ?!?!
June 04 Trials

Like Rabbits


Stop the press. Who is that? There must be something wrong here. Where did these guys all come from and what are they all doing here on the same day. The Master class was the biggest class of the day! What? With all these up and coming riders and the gently aged ones still hanging around, how was the master class the biggest class on such a perfect riding day? I still can't figure it out. Maybe the Masters were gearing up the Ute Cup, maybe the Nationals, or maybe the Central Regional Series. Who knows, but it was nice to have all of them there. The sections that were set up for the upper class had a little bit of everything. There were a few in the rock piles, some great up and downs (with a log high jump), the creek (with water), and even a very, very ugly undercut splatter. Jason Carpenter once again cut loose and performed the robot while everybody watched in amazement. Jake Wieland, who was sporting a brand spanking new 04 Gas Gas 300 Silver, did not want to be out done so he showed that a man with Junk in Trunk can get down too. Scott Carpenter, who is just to sexy for a two piece, threw his hands in the air and waived them around like he just didn't care. In the Expert class, Grieg Engel showed he was all in "Control" with a solid win. The battle was on for 2nd and 3rd as Kelly Clarkson or I mean Echterling (he sings just like the American Idol winner) and Still Bill Drake rode toe to toe. Bill was just an inch taller so he got 2nd. Carl Hopkins rode splendid to take the win in the Intermediate class. Sir Randall Dennis the first took time out of his cricket game to ride to a 2nd place finish. "The Fire God" Jim Thorton stayed out of the fire pits long enough to nab 3rd. In the Amateur class, Mike Carpenter, coming back from back injury, was able to ride well enough to beat out the seasoned veterans Buffalo Bob Sanderson and Russ "the K ayak" Amos. The Novice class had some new faces (which is great to see) such as the class winner Harley Greffeeon who came from IA. And no, he did't ride a Harley, he rode a Gas Gas. Jim "Miller-Time" rode gosh darn good and finished a few points back from 1st. Club Prez Gary Barton rolled on into the 3rd spot. Results below:

1. Harley Greffeeon 12
2. Jim Miller 17
3. Gary Barton 40
4. Cody Ridder 48
5. Gary Reed DNF
6. Nat Hartford DNS
1. Mike Carpenter 21
2. Bob Sanderson 29
3. Russ Amos 42
Exb Bill Wachendorfer 0
Exb Larry Findley 0
1. Carl Hopkins 19
2. Randy Dennis 23
3. Jim Thorton 29
4. Jim Jeter 37
5. Steve Eichelberger 38
1. Grieg Engel 42
2. Bill Drake 58
3. Kelly Echterling 59
1. Jason Carpenter 29
2. Jake Wieland 38
3. Scott Carpenter 52
4. Marc Carpenter 69
5. Bill Sanderson 80
6. Steve Morgan 86
7. Bruce Carver DNS