The Golf Cart Games
April 04 Trials

Pimp my Ride

The first ever Golf Cart Games…. Ha ha ha ha, what fun. Three events were scheduled and three events were completed. There was a women's division with 7 entries and a men's division that had 7 -9 entries (depending on the event). First up was the women's Obstacle Course. The course went something like this; from the start gate, you went straight for just a little bit, then a very hard right turn around a cone followed by a very hard left and that was followed by a sharp right turn, then over the teeter tauter, through the midway gates, a right 180, a short little straight away, hard left around a cone, then an extremely tight left turn (almost everybody had to use reverse on this part) and then a left out the exit. Also, if you hit a cone, a 5 sec penalty was added. Keri "Laughs-a-lot" Dennis was the first driver up and made sure that this was going to be a fun competitive event. She went through the course clean and put up a very fast time. Hot Momma Ladonna Morgan (formerly known as the Rain Goddess) was next and also went clean at a fast past. Driving for the Storr family was daughter Melissa the Menace and she also had a nice run. The Goggle Lady, Chris Hopkins, showed that being arrow dynamic is an advantage. Amy "Droppin' the Hammer" Drake lugged her big machine around the course with ease. Eva "Cheezit" Carver had to kick the dog out of the cart so she could go to town on the course. The last contestant was Amy "I can't find reverse" Bergman and she had the privilege of driving The Tank and also running over the most cones. The 3rd fastest time went to Melissa the Menace. The 2nd fastest time went to Keri keeps laughing, and the winner of the obstacle course was the Goggle Lady. On the men's side, Randy Dennis driving the Blue Bomber was up first and boy did he set the tone. I think he was even getting on 2 wheels in the turns. Next up was Bill Wachendorfer with a passenger in Smokey, then Steve Morgan driving the Mid Night Run, Scott Carpenter in the Tank, Randy Storr in Red Lightning, Carl Hopkins in Princess, and Bill Drake in The Monster. Well, Wacky showed that his machine with a passenger was still pretty fast as he took third. 2nd place went to Carl Hopkins in the Princess mobile and 1st was Randy Dennis in the Blue Bomber. The next event was the Drag Race. This consisted of a dead start, up around a cone and back. The women were pretty nice to each other and yielded when necessary. I think this was because most of the Golf Carts are the ladies means of transportation around the quarry and they also probably wanted to keep them looking nice. The men on the other side, well, we will get to them in a bit. For the women, 1st up, Eva vs. Amy B.- winner Eva. Keri vs. Amy D.- winner Amy D. Ladonna vs. Chris - winner Ladonna. Melissa vs. -- - winner Melissa. 2nd Round. Amy B vs. Chris - winner Chris. Keri vs.-- - winner Keri. Amy D. vs. Ladonna - winner Ladonna. Melissa vs. Eva and the dog - winner Melissa. Finals Ladonna vs. Melissa - winner Ladonna. Loser Bracket finals Keri vs. Chris - winner Chris. On the men's side, all I can say is look out. There was some fierce racing going on as paint was traded in some of the heats. First heat was Wacky vs. Sanderson - winner Sanderson by a nose. Carl vs. Randy D - winner Carl by a nose hair. Scott vs. Team Storr (soon to be son-in-law Jim drove) - winner Scott. Drake vs. Morgan - winner Drake (this was also the most paint swapping race as these 2 did it on the way down and back) Heat #2 Bruce Carver (who took a first round bye) vs. Scott - winner Bruce. Carl vs. Sanderson - winner Sanderson. Drake vs. time - winner Drake. Finals Carl vs. Drake - winner Carl in the Princess. The last event, which was probably the funniest of them all, the Blind Race. The driver wore a blindfold while the passenger gave the directions around the course. First up was Team Dennis. Randy wore the blindfold while Keri tried to give the directions. The only problem was, Keri kept laughing so much and so hard that she wasn't able to talk. Next up was Team Hopkins with Carl driving and the Goggle Lady navigating. Team Morgan went with a different strategy as Ladonna wore the blindfold while Steve gave the directions. Team Storr had the soon-to-be newly weds representing with Jim behind the wheel and Melissa in the passenger seat. Team Carpenter had Scott manhandling the Tank with Amy as his eyes. Team Drake had Bill doing the driving with wife Amy telling him what to do. Team Carver decided all should go for the ride as Bruce drove, Eva gave the directions, and the dog, well the dog just went for the ride. Team Sanderson had Bill wearing the blindfold and friend Chris navigating. Team Storr proved that the young couple is on the right track with the communication part as they took third. Team Carver took 2nd and showed proof that it is always good to listen to your mother. And the big winners of the Blind Race, Team Morgan. Their strategy of having the woman drive and the man give directions paid off. Thanks to all who participated and to those who helped put on the event. Long live the Golf Cart Games!

Fun in the Sun 2-Day
May 04 Trials


The annual fun in the sun 2-day turned out to be great. The weather was very cooperative, the trials school by Dale and Jason had a nice turnout, the Cadet class had 9 youngsters and the Golf Cart Games was a huge success. Oh yeah, we also had a great trials that took place on Sunday with plenty of out of town flavor. The Cadets rode Sat evening and what a great bunch of kids. The big battle for first came between Nathan Dennis and Joe Haubrich. These 2 youngsters rode pretty much perfect. Nathan went clean for the day and Joe took only one point. Not to far behind was Tyler Logsdon who only took 6 points. Taking fourth was big man on campus Dawson Dennis with ten points. W. Haubrich took fifth with Brian Drake taking sixth. Leslie York, Allison York, and Arian William all followed suit respectively. All the kids rode great and it was a pleasure to watch them all compete. In the Novice class, 10 fellows challenged the course and the big winner of the day was Jim Miller. Fred Reynolds came in a close 2nd while William Dewey nabbed the 3rd spot. The Amateur class had all sorts of things going. About half the class rode exhibition and the others actually stayed to lines. Winning the class was Jeff Dickau with 40 points and Russ Amos took 2nd while Mike Haubrich grabbed 3rd. In the Intermediate class, Randy Dennis lead the way with an impressive win. Steve Eichelberger showed no mercy in taking 2nd by just a point over Glenn Falter. Expert turned in to a two man battle with Dale Malasek getting the win over Kelly Echterling. Bill Drake landed 3rd just ahead of Dave Johnson. No big surprise in the Master class with Jason Carpenter dominating, Scott Carpenter getting the silver and Bill Sanderson earning the bronze. Thanks to Morgan and Thorton for setting up the annual event. Rumor might have it that this event may be an actual 2 day riding event next year. Stay tuned. Results below.

1. Nathan Dennis 0
2. Joe Haubrich 1
3. Tyler Logsdon 6
4. Dawson Dennis 10
5. W. Haubrich 12
6. Brian Drake 15
7. Leslie York 21
8. Allison York 26
9. Arian Williams 27
1. Jim Miller 18
2. Fred Reynolds 21
3. William Dewey 34
4. Jeff Luckene 36
5. Joe Logsdon 39
6. Josh Nutsch 43
7. Gary Barton 47
8. Nat Hartford 70
9. Nathan Dennis 78
10. Spencer Eades 79
1. Jeff Dickau 40
2. Russ Amos 43
3. Mike Haubrich 49
4. Bob Sanderson 59
5. Doug York 89
Exb Jim Haubrich
Exb Larry Findley
Exb Bill Wachendorfer
Exb Jim Bridges
1. Randy Dennis 35
2. Steve Eichelberger 47
3. Glenn Falter 48
4. Jim Jeter 65
5. Hollywood 66
Exb Carl Hopkins
1. Dale Malasek 26
2. Kelly Echterling 33
3. Bill Drake 60
4. Dave Johnson 72
1. Jason Carpenter 12
2. Scott Carpenter 46
3. Bill Sanderson 67
4. Marc Carpenter 83