Keystone Cop Lays down Law in Leavenworth
March 04 Trials

Keystone Cop Lays down Law in Leavenworth


The March trials held out in Leavenworth, KS was a thing of beauty. With the temperature in the 60's and no signs of rain anywhere, 38 riders came out from all over the mid-west to ride the event. Eleven of these guys were in the Novice class. Fantic Freddie Reynolds put on a nice show as he rode away with the win. Jammin' Joe Logsdon, who seems to make a living somewhere on the podium, did not disappoint as he finished in 2nd. The Terminator, Tom Turnbull rode well enough to nab the 3rd spot in this highly contested class. It was nice to see so many guys out and about in this class. In the Amateur class, Curious George (the man, not the monkey) Kirby edged out the M.A.T.T. Golf Cart Mascot Jim Bridges for top honors. Ex-Guiding Light Soap Star Gary Wing made the haul up from Wichita again and finished in the top three again. There was something mentioned about a Trials dress code being installed due to the fact that Mr. Bridges was wearing stripes and that the Trials was held so close to the Leavenworth prison. Many thought that Jim was an escaped convict but after showing two proofs of ID to the authorities, he was able to continue. He was given a citation though for poor dressing. Moving onto the 2nd largest class of the day, the Intermediate class, there was a tie for first. Senor Carl Hopkins had two more cleans than the Cherry Picker Tom Turnbull. Pauly "Shore" Turnbull totally went wheezing and chucking and finished in 3rd buddy. Now to the most serious class of the all, the Expert class. There was no fun and games (like jail break) since the Keystone Cop was in town. Kelly Echterling laid down the law and everybody was paying attention. That's because one little mistake could have put a rider in first to last just like that. The Ranchero Rick Agans paid the closest attention as he shot his way into 2nd. The Sheriff Marvin Edgington was a few feet off (the pegs) and took third. "Friday", "Next Friday", & "Friday after Next" star Craig Lisher had to settle for the 4rth spot in this extremely tight class. The Master class got whooped. With the exception of Jason Carpenter, everybody received a wake up call. Two riders had bike problems and another had a major nagging injury. Well Jason looked pretty and took first. Kids cover your ears cause Bad Mouth Bruce Carver rolled into 2nd and Not Hotty Scotty Carpenter finished in third. Scores below.

1. 1. Fred Reynolds 4 Fan
2. Joe Logsdon 10 Gas
3. Tom Turnbull 12 Yam
4. Tim Kristl 14 Gas
5. Gary Barton 35 Gas
6. Nat Hartford 41 Gas
7. Andy Cole 42 Gas
8. Ron Cole 68 Suz
9. Nat Hartford Gas 59
10. Jamie Reynolds 70 Gas
10. Travis Smith DNF Gas
1. George Kirby 15 Gas
2. Jim Bridges 18 Gas
3. Gary Wing 25 Gas
4. Russ Amos 32 Gas
5. Bob Sanderson 38 Gas
6. Jerry Norby 39 Gas
7. Jim Thorton DNF Gas
1. Carl Hopkins 7 Gas
2. Tim Turnbull 7 Gas
3. Paul Turnbull 18 Gas
4. Allen Haaga 21 Gas
5. Randy Dennis 26 Gas
6. Ken Brown 37 Gas
7. Steve Eichelberger 48 Gas
8. Jason Buster 49 Gas
9. Jim Jeter 51 Gas
1. Kelly Echterling 51 Gas
2. Rick Agans 56 She
3. Marvin Edgington 59 Gas
3. Craig Lisher 68 Gas
1. Jason Carpenter 22 Gas
2. Bruce Carver 66 Gas
3. Scott Carpenter 73 Gas
4. Bill Sanderson 83 Gas
5. Marc Carpenter 92 Gas
6. Steve Morgan DNF Gas
6. Jake Wieland DNF Gas