Milk Shake "J" Owns the Yard
Feb 04 Trials

My Milk Shake is better than yours, I can teach you, but I'll have to charge.


With the Feb trials being postponed a week due to horrible cold and snowy weather, who would have thought that the event day weather would have been a complete opposite. There was a threat of rain on trials morning but it was only a threat. Twenty-one riders came out to ride on the suprisingly dry ground. The Novice class represented well with five go-getters. Joe Logsdon rode well enough to bring home the gold. Fred Reynolds finished in a close 2nd. Gary Barton edged out Keri Dennis by a point for that last podium spot. The Amateur class had some out of town flavor with St. Louis and Wichita riders making the trip. St. Louis man George "Flasher" Kirby shook off any jet lag he had and won with flying colors. Mr. Gary Wing flew into that 2nd spot and Bob Sanderson had the "Answer" for third. The intermediate class had the return of ex-Blue movie extra Mr. Jeter. Jim finally dusted the cob weds off the bike that have been accumulating since the annual Chadwick Thanksgiving weekend trip. Since Jim's absence, Randy Dennis has moved up from Amateur class and has been making some waves. Jim got his first thrash of the rash of the Dominator as Randy finished in first. Jim did want it noted though that he edged out Randy the 2nd and 3rd loops. In the Expert class Rick Agans, who made the four hour trip over from St. Louis (with George), proved that time on a new bike is easier to ride than not having any time on the new bike. This was the case with this class, Rick has had time on his new bike while Kelly Echterling was trying his out for the first time. Those Pro's are just a little bit quicker than the old 320's. These two were pretty close but Rick did edge out Kelly for the win. Now for the headliner, Milk Shake "J" Owns the Yard. Jason Carpenter stated after the event that "My Milk Shake is better than yours, I can teach you, but I'll have to charge." If Jason is holding a class I want to sign up because he left no doubts that he is ready for the up and coming Nationals. Jason finished with a mere 7 points while the always consistent "Bird Man" Bruce Carve finished in 2nd with 24. Big Bad Bill Sanderson finished right behind The Bird and finished 3rd. Scores below.

1. Joe Logsdon Gas 18
2. Fred Reynolds Gas 25
3. Gary Barton Gas 42
4. Keri Dennis Gas 43
5. Nat Hartford Gas 59
1. George Kirby Gas 12
2. Gary Wing Gas 24
3. Bob Sanderson Gas 27
4. Jeff Dickau Yam 33
5. Randy Storr Gas 71
6. Doug York Gas 74
7. Tom Ragan Gas DNF
7. Vince Saluto Gas DNF
1. Randy Dennis Gas 52
2. Jim Jeter Gas 55
1. Rick Agans She 50
2. Kelly Echterling Gas 60
1. Jason Carpenter Gas 7
2. SBruce Carver Gas 24
3. Bill Sanderson Gas 30
4. Marc Carpenter Gas 51