Frozen Tundra
Jan 04 Trials

Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field


Muddy ground + freezing temperature = slick trials. The trials masters had a pretty good challenge ahead of them with this crazy Kansas City weather. One day it's in the 60's, the next day there is a blizzard. And that was the weather just to set up the trials. Sunday, the event day, had freezing temperatures so the ground was completely frozen. 20 riders showed to battle the elements and every rider conquered the course.

The Novice class had 4 riders. Jumpin' Joe Logsdon edged out Frozen Fred Reynolds by a point for the win. Cool Keri Dennis showed that she can hang with the boys and finished 3rd.

The Amateur class also had 4 riders out there freezing their tails off. Victorious Vince Saluto rode to a 1st place finish with Tuff Man Tom Ragan taking a close 2nd. Bone Chilling Bob Sanderson rounded out the top three.

The Intermediate class had some interesting flavor. M.A.T.T.'s "Male Model of the Year" Paul Turnbull put a whooping on the class. Calvin Klein wannabe underwear model Kelly Echterling went retro and rode his priceless ole Yamaha to 2nd. "My Little Pony" spokesperson Ken Brown II showed that he is really a tuff guy and took 3rd. Worth mentioning in this class were the rides of the Pet Rock inventor, Randy Dennis and Bruce Willis stunt double, Hollywood.

The Expert class had a 3-way tie for first. Bill Drake tied Billy Drake and William Drake. Their scored cards were tied on points, cleans, ones, two's, three's and fives. Heck, all three were even tied on time. Due to the -10 degree wind chill, the ride off was postponed.

Moving on to the Master class, Jason Carpenter must have been offended being called a fair weather rider last month in this news line because he actually showed up to ride. He did look like the Pillsbury doughboy (except he was red) with all his clothes on. Well, the now called All-weather rider Jason took first but not by the usual margin. "Super Traction Man "Steve Morgan, who seemed to have 4 wheel drive on his bike finished only 3 points behind Jason. I didn't think it was possible to turn on and then ride up a hill that was a sheet of ice but Steve made me a believer. Accident-prone Marc Carpenter finally got out of the cellar and took 3rd. On a side note, due to the weather being so cold, one would not think of camping, but sitting around the campfire Sat night, I counted about 20 people having a great time. Thank you all for the memories. Results below.

1. Joe Logsdon 6 Gas
2. Fred Reynolds 7 Fan
3. Keri Dennis 32 Gas
4. Jamie Reynolds 68 Gas
1. Vince Saluto 21 Gas
2. Tom Ragan 24 Gas
3. Bob Sanderson 38 Gas
4. Doug York 62 Beta
1. Paul Turnbull 19 Gas
2. Kelly Echterling 32 Yam
3. Ken Brown 40 Gas
4. Randy Dennis 43 Gas
5. Hollywood 48 Gas
1. Bill Drake 53 Gas
1. Jason Carpenter 47 Gas
2. Steve Morgan 50 Gas
3. Marc Carpenter 63 Gas
4. Bill Sanderson 67 Gas
5. Scott Carpenter 83 Gas