Postage Stamp Trials
Jan 1st 2004



Nothing better than starting off the New Year with a Trials. Unless of course you have to much of a hangover. Check this out, the weather dry and in the 60's, in Kansas, on Jan 1st. Who would have thunk it. Well 30 riders were able to drag themselves out of bed for the 1 p.m. start time. There were also many spectators in attendance. Many came out to follow their favorite riders around while some were there to check out the sport of trials for the first time. Russ, Larry, and Scott did not disappoint anyone as each class rode 9 sections with 3 spectator friendly loops.

Starting off the upper classes, the first section had a 3-4 ft entrance wall made out of railroad ties, a hopping left turn then off a smaller wall. Then it was up a hill between 2 extremely tight trees, a 270 degree hop turn, down the hill again and then back up the hill over a few rocks to the exit. This section was a great starter section to let everyone know what to expect in trials. I even heard one of the Harley guys watching say "These guys are crazy!" There was even a wheelie section for everyone to enjoy. I didn't see it but I did hear a rumor that the lone Rookie class rider was able to ride a wheelie all the way through the master exit. That Rookie rider was Tyler Logsdon.

In Novice class A, it was father Joe Logsdon beating out Doug York on cleans to take win. Joe had 28 cleans to Doug's 25. New member Fred Reynolds grabbed the third spot. In Novice class B, Jeff Luchien was able to get by Nat Hartford (2nd) and Jamie Reynolds (3rd) for the win.

Moving on to the Amateur class, "Beauty School Drop Out" Jim Bridges showed no signs of late night partying as he took the win. The "Iron Man", Bob Sanderson, nailed down the #2 spot with Jumpin Jerry Norby rounding out the top 3. Everybody's favorite guy, Tim Turnbull edged out the new Amateur rider Randy Storr for the 4th spot.

Holy Cow! Who are these guys riding in the Intermediate class? I think I was back in the day watching a 1982 trials. The only person missing from this class was old "Iron Horse" Jerry McCleary. Bobby Eades, Yes, Bobby Eades was back in action and looks like he hasn't lost a step. Bobby edged out Carl "Hoppy" Hopkins by one point for the win and Carl edged out "Pretty Boy" Paul Turnbull by one for 2nd. Paul tied "Mr. I Moved Up" Randy Dennis for third but Paul had one more clean, so Randy took Intermediate class B 1st. "Side Car" Mike Carpenter was a couple points behind Randy for 2nd and the Tool Time star, Tim Turnbull was right behind Mike to take 3rd. After Tim was "Showstopper" Steve Eichelberger, then the "Bald Eagle" Ken Brown Jr. Following Ken was the "Vacationing" Vince Saluto and "Tough Man Contestant" Tom Ragan. With all those guys in the Intermediate class, no wonder why there were only 3 Expert riders.

"The Duckman" Dale Malasek and "Kingpin" Kelly Echterling finished with the same scores but Dale edged Kelly on cleans. "Oh No! Mr. Bill" Drake didn't want to make it a 3 way tie so he took a few extra dabs and accepted 3rd. Jake Wieland showed that the 04' Gas Gas's have no problems as he rode to first in the Master class. Pigs have flown and Heck has frozen over, the youngest Carpenter, Scott, beat his older brother Jason (who only likes to ride when it's dry and above 60 *) by 2 points to take 2nd. Bill Sanderson and Marc Carpenter (the 2 partygoers of the Master class) had their own battle going on which Bill won and put Marc in his usual place, last. Thanks go to all who participated, set up the event, and prepared food. For those that don't know, the Postage Stamp Trials is an event that helps keep this wonderful news line alive. Scores below.

1. Tyler Logsdon 30
1A. Joe Lagsdon 7 Gas
2A. Doug York 7 Beta
3A. Fred Reynolds 22 Fan
1B. Jeff Luchien 28 Gas
2B. Nat Hartford 41 Gas
3B. Jamie Reynolds 90 Gas
1. Jim Bridges 14 Gas
2. ob Sanderson 24 Gas
3. Jerry Norby 29 Gas
4. Tom Turnbull 31 Gas
5. Randy Storr 35 Gas
1A. Bobby Eades 9 Gas
2A. Carl Hopkins 10 Gas
3A. Paul Turnbull 11 Gas
1B. Randy Dennis 11 Gas
2B. Mike Carpenter 15 Gas
3B. Tim Turnbull 19 Gas
4B. Steve Eichelberger 21 Gas
5B. Ken Brown Jr. 24 Gas
6B. Vince Saluto 27 Gas
7B. Tom Ragan 34 Gas
1. Dale Malasek 49 Gas
2. Kelly Echterling 49 Gas
3. Bill Drake 60 Gas
1. Jake Wieland 25 Gas
2. Scott Carpenter 34 Gas
3. Jason Carpenter 36 Gas
4. Bill Sanderson 61 Gas
5. Marc Carpenter 64 Gas