Dennis is "The Dominator"
Dec 03 Trials

The Dominator


There was great weather in Dec and that would be the reason why 20 riders came out to Trenton to have some fun. Heck, it was so nice that Jake was even in short sleeves. The sections were all fun (at least for the Masters) except for #3 which was a muddy hillside climb that had a tree in the middle of the hill that had to be ridden around. Most used 4th gear to conquer this hill while myself tried 3rd the first loop. Ironically, I made it up this time but I did have to push like crazy at the top. So the 2nd loop came around, I used 4th and everybody seemed to make it up this massive mudslide except for me. I didn't get the bike to hook up good enough at the bottom and didn't even make it to the tree. 3rd loop, everybody made it up again except for me. I tried 4th again and spun out at the bottom, got sideways and smacked into a tree only about 5 ft inside the section and didn't even get to the actual hill climb. Who set that section up anyway? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. One of my reliable sources has given me some info and felt this should be shared. Source: "I was not able to identify the parties involved but what I did see was 2 male M.A.T.T. members on Fri night before the trials, watching the 1975 Mr. Universe Competition (which Arnold Swartzenager won) on satellite TV in a big RV." Back to the trials report.

We will start off with the biggest class of the day, the Master class?! Yep, there were 6 masters. No wonder why they were the last ones in again. Jake Wieland pretty much rode uncontested as he continues to solidify his place in history as the 11th wonder of the world. The "Bird" Bruce Carver was back in action and showed that he either A: practices all the time without anybody seeing him or B: he just never loses his touch as he came in 2nd. I'm going with both A & B. I hate to say it but, Scott Carpenter is improving and at a pretty rapid pace. Somebody needs to take Scott's Raga tapes away from him as he is starting to mimic Raga. Even with him wearing a one piece. Scott finished right behind Bruce to take 3rd.

The Expert class had "Keystone Cop" Kelly Echterling put on a great ride and he finished on top. Bronco Bustin' Bill Drake finished in a solid 2nd with "The Commish" Carl Hopkins rounding out the group.

The Intermediate class had Paul Turnbull riding smooth as ice with a convincing win. "Mr. Military" Ken Brown Jr. edged out Stuntman Steve Eichelberger for the silver. Now all the classes had a Dominator in the class (except for Novice) but the Dominator of the day was Randy Dennis. He laid down the law by putting in an almost perfect ride and beating out some well respected veterans in the Amateur class. Bob "Stella!" Sanderson and "The Hunky Hunter" Russ Amos could only watch with amazement and finished 2nd and 3rd.

The closest battle of the day was in the Novice class as Randy "I'll park my van, truck, RV, trailer, bike, and golf cart in the way" Storr vs. Doug "I Love New" York. This battle went to the cards and Mr. York won on one's. Joe "Montana" Logsdon used his skillful arm or arms to finish 3rd.

1. Doug York 16 Beta
2. Randy Storr 16 Gas
3. Joe Logsdon 36 Gas
4. Fred Reynolds 40 Fan
5. Steve Porter 52 Sco
1. Randy Dennis 22 Gas
2. Bob Sanderson 42 Gas
3. Russ Amos 66 Gas
1. Paul Turnbull 29 Gas
2. Ken Brown Jr. 59 Gas
3. Steve Eichelberger 68 Gas
1. Kelly Echterling 63 Gas
2. Bill Drake 92 Gas
3. Carl Hopkins 108 Gas
1. Jake Wieland 13 Gas
2. Bruce Carver 38 Gas
3. Scott Carpenter 40 Gas
4. Bill Sanderson 54 Gas
5. Steve Morgan 57 Gas
6. Marc Carpenter 83 Gas